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ConnectED and YOUmedia

Connect ed is a comprehensive online learning system that includes over a hundred case studies and a personalized mobile learning system. It’s also priced at a fraction of the cost of a print textbook. More than 500 faculty advisers help students succeed using Connect. Most students find Connect to be a valuable tool for retaining concepts and learning new material.

ConnectED is an initiative that will provide improved broadband access for rural students. This initiative will build upon previous efforts to connect rural areas, which often struggle to attract investments in broadband infrastructure. Today’s students are expected to learn more in a short amount of time and need better tools for their education. Technology can help teachers achieve this by providing real-time feedback and assessments of student learning. Teachers will be empowered to meet the needs of their students through interactive online lessons.

Smart connected products will require new technology infrastructure, embedded software, connectivity, and a product cloud, which consists of software running on remote servers. This will require new skills such as software development, systems engineering, data analytics, and online security expertise.
Island Trees School

In a time of crisis, teachers at the Island Trees School District have found a way to motivate their students and keep them engaged. Using technology, teachers can connect with students individually and conduct virtual field trips, read-alongs, and interactive math lessons. This way, they can stay in close contact with students and parents alike.

With Connect-ED, parents are able to stay informed about important school announcements, activities, and events. They can also get alerts about upcoming meetings, field trips, and bus routes. It can be customized for parents of specific grade levels. This service is free and easy to use on any computer. Additionally, Island Trees administrators can send messages from anywhere, including the office or their home.
Blackboard Connect-ED

Blackboard Connect-ED is a powerful messaging system that offers a variety of benefits for K12 schools. The platform features customizable messages, mass notification systems, and logs that can be customized for each school and district. It also offers different types of notifications, such as emergency alerts and outreach messages.

First, Connect users need to sign in using their Connect login credentials. They will then be taken through registration steps. Upon completion, their Connect accounts will be linked to their Blackboard accounts.

YOUmedia is a media center that is focused on the needs of young people and aims to provide a productive, safe environment f95zone. The organization helps youth turn personal interests into careers and has a recording studio where students can practice their craft. The organization also holds open mic nights and regularly has Chance the Rapper speaking events.f95forum

YOUmedia has five locations in Chicago. Its mission is to connect Chicago’s youth with mentors and institutions to foster collaboration and creativity.