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4 types of Laser Marking Machines that are best for laser marking!


Laser marking is nowadays very common and applied technology. This higher technology is currently using for various kinds of applications. In the market, there are different laser marking machines. Every machine has a specific use. So, when you want to buy a laser marking machine, be sure that you know which laser marking machine you need. Do you want to know all about the steel laser marking machine? You can check the link for more details.  Well, take some time to read this article and gain a clear concept about it.

What is Laser Marking?

Laser marking is a method to make labels or marks on a material with a focused laser beam. This laser beam can make interact with the surface of metals. And the process changes the appearances of the interacted area and displays a design. It happens when you hit material with a low-powered laser beam, and you get your desired artistic pattern through discoloration. A steel laser marking machine creates the most precision marks without disrupting the main surface of materials.

laser markingmachine manufacturer can provide you different kinds of laser marking machines. But before purchasing one, you must research to pick a marker tool that can meet your demand and choice. Here are the four familiar laser marking machines; every type is applicable for different works. So, now read about them and choose what you need.

  1. Ultraviolet laser marking machine:
  • UV is a band of the electromagnetic spectrum with the WV from 10 nanometers to 400 nanometers.
  • UV Laser marking machine also apply the same ray to make any label or design. This machine is best for the “Cold marking” application.
  • Cold marking is a process where applying heat is not allowed for labeling on materials.
  • These also work superbly on medical equipment and solar panels.
  1. Fiber laser marking machine:
  • Fiber laser making machines are one of the most strong laser markers in the market. It is ideal for the depth engraving or etching.
  • If you want to make a design with a higher resolution, you need a high-powered laser marker.
  • Fiber laser marker has an intense and high-quality beam and larger lenses with small spot sizes.
  • So you use it for small component batch marking. You can also cut fragile metals with this laser marker.
  1. Green laser marking machine: 
  • This marker is for keeping highly reflective materials.
  • It also works well on sensitive surfaces like silicon wafers.
  • This laser marking is also perfect for labeling IC chips, PCB boards, or soft plastics.
  • A green laser marker is suitable for marking solar cells.
  • A green laser marking machine can create excellent absorption in many types of metals.
  1. CO2 Laser marking machine:  
  • This laser marker is mainly applicable to non-material surfaces like glass, ceramics, quartz, and wood.
  • This system is based on a sealed-tube laser system.
  • It has an intense beam for laser designing on organic materials.
  • This laser marker is very affordable and faster. Because Co2 mainly produce serial numbers, logos or barcode and a super contrast permanent mark.

When you know about every familiar laser marker machine, it will help you to choose one. A fiber laser marker is better for every metal. Co2 is only for use on non-metrical. UV laser marking machine is excellent for making a fluorescent drawing with low heat. Green laser marker works on sensitive products. It’s time for you to decide which laser marker is the best for your labeling and designing. And also, think that what types of material you are going to marking with a laser marker. Now select your laser marker machine models in terms of your budget, sustainability, and machine features.

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