7 Things to Pay Attention to Before Giving a Boss Gift

As an employee, it may have crossed your mind to give a gift to your boss on his special day. For example, on birthdays, success in the world of work, and other big days. However, you also feel awkward when giving the boss’s gift. 

No need to worry, by paying attention to these seven things, at least you can minimize the awkwardness and give the best boss a gift. Here’s a noteworthy review.

It’s best to do it with co-workers

When you want to give your boss a gift, you should do it with coworkers at the office. This is more due to economic factors and minimizes negative views in your office. From an economic point of view, it is clear that doing it together with co-workers will be cheaper. Meanwhile, if you take the initiative when giving him a gift, it might be considered face-to-face with your boss.

This is not meant to be prejudicial, but in fact in the world of work, things like this often happen. Another advantage if you give your boss a gift together is that it will increase the solid working relationship between employees. In addition, it can also strengthen the working relationship between superiors and subordinates.

Don’t forget to say something

Giving gifts to superiors should not be done just like that, meaning don’t just give and then finish. It’s a good idea to add words of encouragement, both orally and in writing through small pieces of paper. Saying these words should not be too long, the important thing is to make a deep impression.

You and your co-workers can write down words such as thank you for guiding you during work, words of encouragement at work, and so on. Don’t forget to also include your name or the division of work in the office when giving the boss’s gift so that the boss knows who gave the gift.

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Pay attention to the right time to give gifts

Paying attention to the time when giving gifts is also important for you and your co-workers to consider. Don’t let instead of making your boss happy or memorable, it will make it messy because of the wrong time when giving gifts. Of course you don’t want this to happen, do you?

It’s better to choose the time to give boss gifts in relaxed times, when the boss is not piling up work, or during breaks. In addition, the most important thing is not to let the gift giving event interfere with your time working in the office. Stay professional so that work is not interrupted and continues as it should be.

Be careful in choosing items

Choosing items for a boss’s gift is indeed easy and difficult. You have to really pay attention to what he likes and what he doesn’t like. Equally important is not to give him ridiculous gifts. For example, if your boss likes smoking, you don’t have to buy him an ashtray or expensive cigarettes like that.

It’s better to give a gift that suits his hobby and is more useful. For example, your boss likes football, you and your co-workers can give him the jersey of his favorite team or other knick-knacks related to the favorite team.

Keep the boss’s gift secret

Maybe your boss forgot his special day. such as on birthdays because of his busy schedule. As a good subordinate, you should remind him. One of them is by giving gifts to superiors. Although simple, this method is quite effective in increasing the working bond between superiors and subordinates.

When giving a boss’s gift, it’s best not to let the boss or boss know about it. This is to give your boss an unimaginable surprise. This will make it even more effective for him.

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Remember, boss gifts are not for profit

This is what should be important for you and your co-workers to avoid, that is, do not intend to seek your own advantage when giving a boss gift. Your goal in giving gifts is simply to make your boss feel happy and memorable on his special day. Don’t let there be other intentions or the impression of “looking for a face” because you want something more, such as a promotion.

Give the boss’s gift based on respect for the boss and you are sincere in giving it. With reasons like this, you will not be viewed negatively by coworkers or bosses. So, no one is suspicious of the gift and work becomes more comfortable.

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Give a memorable gift

The last thing to note is to give a memorable gift to your boss. Memorable gifts are not always luxurious or expensive. You alone or with a co-worker can give him a gift that is useful, usable, and memorable.

One thing worth considering is a gift in the form of a paper cutting craft from Cutteristic,namely the art of carving paper using a cutter. 

You can make a silhouette of your boss’s face with a batik motif background, for example. This craft can be affixed to the wall of the boss’s workspace so that it can make a more attractive impression in the room. There are many corporate gift services on the internet that you can contact if you don’t want to make your own.

How, after reading this review, have you prepared the best boss gift on his special day?

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