A guide on how to secure your mobile apps

Mobile devices have become popular of late as compared to laptops or desktops. Not only they are easy to carry but technological functions ensures that they perform the same functions as a laptop does. In the last few years the number of mobile users has increased by 10 times and 51 % of the time is spent by the users on the mobile phones daily.

A user is bound to engage in numerous activities on their mobile phones, from messaging or sending out emails. It is through these apps a business goes on to gather useful information about the likes or dislikes of customers. Such inputs might enable a business an added advantage to formulate new decisions as per the needs of a business. If the data reaches out to the wrong hands then mobile security might pose an issue. For all these reasons mobile app security has become inevitable.

More about mobile app security

Mobile app security is to secure your devices from external threats. It has gone on to become important in the world of today. Any breach in the security network can not only hand over the personal information to the hackers but even go on to showcase their financial information, personal information etc.

The issues with a weak mobile app security

Customers depend and how trust an organization when it comes to test their application for security measures. But a study conducted by IBM went on to reveal some shocking facts.

Customer information

The hackers are bound to gain the log in details about a website or a device. Examples might be in the form of banking, email, and social networking websites. In the month of May 2019 Whataspp did acknowledge the fact that the app would be vulnerable from an Israel firm NSO. It could go on to infect a device if the receiver got a call from an unknown number. The device of the user should not be compromised even if they did not go on to receive the call. In fact the spyware could dish out all the data from the device on to the server of the hacker.

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Financial information

A hacker obtains financial information of the hackers to conduct banking transactions. More so it is going to be the case where a one time password might not be necessary. The experts from Kaspersky went on to discover a new form of Trojan that could steal the sensitive information from the device of a hacker. It had an ability to take control of the SMS feature of the device as they could manipulate the banking functions. The code went on to manipulate 24 apps of the Spanish banks.

To conclude it might be possible to interpret the premium feature of such apps, in gaming or utility apps that would be a source of revenue for the app. It might lead to the loss of confidence in the use of the apps. There might be lawsuits that could be directed at both the parties.

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