A New Talent Contest, CharitiesLoveTalent.com, creates Free Online Fundraising site.

Driven by years of volunteer work and leading national diversity and inclusion programs for a Fortune 500 company, the team behind a fresh new online talent competition has launched a free fundraiser for charities and causes. Considering the online fundraising sites like Go Fund Me and others, Charities Love Talent .com is a new fundraiser idea that has proven to work for those that give it a shot. And it’s designed to be a simple, efficient, transparent way to fundraise online.

For charities, causes, school groups etc that want to do an online fundraiser, this exciting talent contest online makes it easy to apply to become a partner by simply filling out an online fundraiser application. The talent contest cares who their partners are and the mission or cause the organizations puts forth. When approved the charity receives a unique entry link for them to share with their supporters.

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The charities using this free online fundraiser tool now simply copy and paste that link anywhere and everywhere, their social media, newsletter, printed material, anything at all. When anyone joins the talent contest via that link they will be prompted to make a donation to that organization at checkout. Whatever amount they enter will now go direct to the donation account the charity provided.

CharitiesLoveTalent.com does not take any portion or fees. And great news is this link will not expire, charities, causes, school groups etc can email blast it once and then next week or next year it will still generate funds direct to the cause free again and again. Now that is long tail FUNdraising- every bucket is made from many small drops!  We like that.

And this free fundraiser platform is unlike others that simply give .05% for a shopping link or 20% for a one day restaurant fundraiser- Charities Love Talent has designed this transparent free fundraiser platform so that 100% of the donation goes direct to the charity, never touched by or processed by CLT.

Here’s some of the advice Charities Love Talent gives to new charity partners to help their fundraising success when they get their unique free fundraising platform link:

“Congrats on being accepted as our partner, we are here to help and here is your unique entry link. Of course the more you promote it the more funds you should see but you have to get your supporters excited about having fun and helping YOU at the same time. Here’s what we found has worked well for other partner organizations:

-Sending a dedicated email blast to your list with a catchy subject line like- Want to have fun and help your favorite charity now?

-Post on social media a Thank You note to all your followers and supporters and let them know you want to give them a chance to win something great!

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-At your next event let people record their talent video in front of your sign or banner, give them a free
t-shirt with your logo or website address to wear and let them give a quick 10 second shoutout about your organization at the head or tail of their performance. Heck, you can even create a whole fun event around your Charities Love Talent drive, make it your own mini version of the popular TV shows and use our branding and prize winning opportunities to attract your base.

You know your supporters best, you may be appealing to them directly or giving them a chance to include their family or friends in having fun while helping you. The kids may each have a song or dance they like to do, grandma’s piano playing, and daddy’s card trick. Amateur or pros of any age are all welcome to shine. More goodwill and good memories is what you’re bringing them.

Some words like this can let them know how to participate:

Thanks to all of you for helping us succeed in our cause, we couldn’t do it without you. Here’s a fun new way you can help us and can win some great prizes too! Charities Love Talent is helping us give you that chance right now, click our link (paste you unique referral link here), enter to win and drop us a donation at checkout- we get 100% of your tax deductible donation. And don’t forget to give us a shoutout or mention our website in your video! Wear our t-shirt or make a sign too, just have fun and thank you for being our fan! Now we want to be a fan of YOU!

More good news- your charity will now be added on our Top Charities page where all visitors can learn about your cause and click right through to your site and become another supporter joining your membership.  AND your charity will also be included in the dropdown donation list at checkout for anyone to choose you and make a direct donation without ever seeing your link, visiting your site or even hearing about you before. Now that’s another absolutely free benefit from Charities Love Talent.”

The talent contest showcases talent like singers, dancers, musicians, magicians, cheer squads, variety acts from jugglers to fire dancers and beyond. For those that want to have fun expressing their talent as an amateur or professional they will be doing good by entering this online talent contest that offers big prizes from giants like Target, Amazon and Staples and even a chance to sing or perform at a major league baseball, national basketball association or national hockey league game. Los Angeles Dodgers, Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals are a few that will get the winning videos to consider inviting.

For talent all around the world that can’t afford to travel or will never have the chance to audition for The Voice, America’s Got Talent, American Idol and the like, this opportunity lets them show off their skills, have fun, gain fans and have family and friends vote for them to climb the charts for awesome prizes.

The team making this free online fundraiser site available to all says it like this:

“CharitiesGotTalent.com  is the newest, strongest online talent contest just like the popular shows on TV. We are for anyone anywhere in the world of all ages that wants to showcase their talent, gain fans, get votes, do good for charity and win awesome prizes now! So if you can’t get to an audition for shows like The Voice, American Idol or America’s Got Talent then upload your video here and let fans vote to win! Get your CLT t-shirt, hat and other cool merch on our site and wear with pride to get more votes. Join us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube today to see all the new videos like yours!


We are industry professionals that want to give you the opportunity of a lifetime and help worthy charities at the same time. We have run record companies, managed artists and taken talent on tours around the world. We know what we’re doing!


Because charities need help to change the lives of others, and lending a hand to someone in need or helping someone’s performing dream, is what life is all about.


Online for millions to watch and vote for you and live on stage with our winners performing at places like Dodger Stadium or on board the USS Iowa!


Open all year round to join us and twice a year we count the votes and pick the grand prize winners!


Record your talent video, or use a video you already made, upload your performance, choose a charity, and share to friends and family to vote for you! Don’t forget to keep track of your votes and watch your talent climb the charts!

When you hit different voting levels you’ll get a printable certificate congratulating you every time. All entrants get a star certificate saying Thank YOU for doing good.

And maybe you will win more of the other valuable prizes that can boost your talent dreams.”