Advantages of bubble wrap to pack your belongings

Surely having it in your hands, on some occasion, you will have fun exploding the bubbles, but the bubble wrap has other functions much more practical than entertaining children or adults. It is a packaging material widely used in the moving sector due to the variety of advantages it offers.

The bubble wrap for packaging is a foamed film, derived from petroleum. It is achieved by heat sealing two very thin plastic sheets, one flat and the other textured with bubbles. In this way the air stays inside, which provides it with the shock-absorbing and insulating properties.

Bubble wrap for packaging was created in 1957 by two American engineers for the purpose of using it as wallpaper in home d├ęcor. After the failed idea, they revolutionized the world of packaging with the utility we know today.

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Benefits of bubble wrap to pack your moves

Industrial bubble wrap is, along with cardboard boxes, one of the most widely used packaging materials in the world of removals due to the wide variety of advantages it offers, both to the client and to professional companies. Let’s see some of them:

Protection: Bubble wrap has high damping capacities to keep your belongings in perfect condition, against vibrations or shocks that may occur during transportation in moving trucks.

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Flexible: It is a very flexible material and easy to handle in many ways without breaking.

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Watertight: The bubble wrap for packaging is watertight and does not get wet, so it protects the merchandise from the rain. In this sense, it is highly recommended for removals with works of art.

Ecological: In this way it reduces the impact on the ozone layer and the environment.

Light and agile: It weighs very little, even less than cardboard boxes and, in addition, being transparent, you can see the content you carry inside.

Other uses and types of bubble wrap

In addition to being used as a protector for objects, bubble wrap is used for other uses in industry and in the home, among which are:

– As a separator of objects from each other.

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– To occupy more space in the boxes and do not move your belongings.

– As a thermal insulator. Its high heat preservation properties make it ideal for door and window insulation

– As an acoustic insulator. Its air chamber is an important acoustic barrier.

– As a food storage bag.

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The plastic film with bubbles can be found in different formats and sizes that adapt to the needs of use. Thus, you can buy it in the form of a roll, as a padded plastic bag with bubbles, or a padded envelope for postal shipments.

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