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Ammy Virk Teri Jaan New Punjabi Song


For those who really love Ammy Virk, she herself has brought good news. Teri Jaan By Ammy Virk shared a poster of New Punjabi Song on her Instagram.

Where he also posted four lines of his song. Maybe fans want to play the song now. Looking at the poster, it looks like it will be a romantic song.

Insta Post:

He writes in his post- Surprise is coming not only for me but also for you. Love you In his post, he mentions popular rapper JAANI. Also known from his post is the director of this song Arvindr Khaira. In addition to the production of the song was DM (Desi Melodies) production. He also mentions a YouTube channel called ‘burfi music’.

Short information:

Tell me who does not get pleasure from seeing the emotions of the fans? Ammy Virk 2020 New Punjabi Song. Where you will get a touch of a little romance.

In the last ‘Jaan Deyan Ge’ where The band that was added to the heart touching song Amy and Tania’s love scene was very heart touching. And that’s what happened. Everyone is amazed and enjoys the scenes and lyrics of the song. Amy and Tania’s chemistry is reflected in the song in a very acceptable way to the audience. Everyone must be surprised by Ammy Virk 2020 New Punjabi Song. Every Ammy virk lover belive that they can feel the romantic touch again in Teri Jaan.

Song Title Teri Jaan By Ammy Virk New Punjabi Song
Singer Ammy Virk
Movie Sufna
Casting Ammy Virk
Director Arvindr Khaira
Producer DM (Desi Melodies) production
Releasing Date

Short Biography:

Ammy Virk was born in 1992 in Punjab, India. He has been giving surprise gifts since 2012. So far he has released about 2 albums where he has sung 28 hit songs in addition to 19 Punjabi songs. Although 2 songs have been released so far in 2020, the song titled ‘Teri Jaan Ammy Virk’ is still awaiting release. Everyone is waiting for his song now. Fans claim that he will take her to a unique stage through this song.

He has spread so much beauty among the people with his Punjabi songs that his song ‘Laung Laachi’ has got around 115+ crore views on YouTube. Which is a record in the history of India so far.

Ammy Virk 2020 New Punjabi Song| Ammy Virk latest Punjabi Songs 2020:

“Jaan Deyan Ge” which is released on Valentine’s Day this year. Where the audience can see the whole love and romance. The song has been viewed more than 23 million times by casting with Tania. Which is still popular Ammy Virk New Punjabi Song. “Tod Da-e-Dil” was released on May 18, 2020. More than 39 million people have enjoyed the song on YouTube. Add a unique feel to the song, Ammy Virk. One thing is for sure, Ammy Virk will take you to the world of her music.

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