Analysis of football is taking the game into the next level

Match analysis and performance analysis are the two main types of research which are done by the experts. Match analysis is a process which is used to inspect the activity of players and coaches during the match. It may describe one team or both team or even a single player. Experts collect data from the game and analyze them to find out the weak and strong points or where to look for improvement. Coaches use Analysis to correct their tactics in-game and find suitable formations for the match. Whether they are comfortable or hard, right tactics and technic is always required, and all these depend on Analysis of opposition’s game and also own game and playing style. To learn these match analyses by famous analysts, you can visit วิเคราะห์บอล4 เซียน website. They publish good Analysis of big matches.

Analysis of the opponent for the upcoming match: Practice of scouting opponent is only done in the top level of football. It is done to give the coach some specific information of the opponent team which they will face in the next matches. Opponent’s individual and collected data, statistics and Analysis of weakness and strength of team helps a team to win. Analysis of the opponent’s play consists of three points.

  • Observation
  • Drawing the report
  • Application

Observation: Observe the games many times to get detailed information on individual and team behaviors.

Drawing the report: These data are processed for information or clips with described analyzed situations.

Application: Use of these reports and information, planning and modification of strategy is in this part.

Types of data processing

Two types of data processing analysis are done. One is “Quantitative Analysis“, and the other is “Qualitative analysis“.

Quantitative Analysis: The Analysis of statistical and numerical data which explains how much time the players passed the ball, number of shots on/off target, tackles won/losses, saves etc.

Qualitative Analysis: An in-depth technical and tactical analysis of the match defines qualitative Analysis. The general behavior of the team depends on this. Quality consists of psychological and physical condition, tactical and technical level—the psychological state, which means collective spirit, attention, competitiveness and discontinuity. Resistance and intensity show a physical condition. Correctly perform the fundamental technical actions defines the technical level of the team. Then comes tactical level. Correct execution of individual and collective movement consists of tactical level.

Possessional Phase: General consideration, Phase of low, medium and high possession defines a game when a team has the ball. Low possession starts with goalkeeper and circulation of the ball of the defenders. Then the play continues towards attack suddenly. In medium possession, the midfield plays the best roll. They take the ball from the defenders and circulates it to the attacker to create scoring chances. High possessional is now known as tiki-taka football. The strikers come deep, and the player who is best in 1v1 creates most opportunities.

Dead Balls

Dead ball means all types of kicks which restarts the game such as kick-off, throw-inn, free kicks, corners and penalty kicks etc. both in favor or against own team. These are also vital for a win. On the other hand, the scheme and arrangement are also important. Which player will jump in the free kicks or corners, man-marking, heading, zonal marking, guard the pole, individual marking etc. also included in the Analysis. www.วิเคราะห์บอล publishes these detail reports best. You can visit them to learn about these techniques of Analysis.

The coach teaches these features to players in the tactical meeting before the match or in the training sessions. Watching videos gives the players chance to know about the variety of situations so that they can learn how to tackle the problem. The types of match analysis are numerous. The only thing matters are to convey the message to the players.