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Anxiety And Long Term Disability Benefits 


In previous days, people did not consider anxiety and depression as that much of a problem. Fortunately, that is changing now. People increasingly realize the importance of recognizing mental health disorders and working hard to find the cure. Anxiety is one such medical condition that, when severe, can alter the course of life. 

If you suffer from extreme anxiety and your condition does not allow you to work or earn a living, you may qualify for long-term disability benefits. Symptoms like lack of focus, motivation and interest, irritability, sleep disturbances, etc., can take a toll on a person’s mental and physical health. To get your disability benefits for anxiety, click here

Can you get long-term disability benefits for anxiety?

The good news is that you can get long-term disability benefits for anxiety, but you must be aware that these claims are often denied. This happens due to the lack of objective evidence, which weakens the case. Anxiety is one of the listed disabilities, and thus, a person suffering from it may be able to get benefits. 

For many people, their anxiety level is so extreme that it becomes difficult for them to get through the day, let alone retain a job and perform its tasks. There is no lack of people with extreme anxiety in the United States, evident from the fact that a huge percentage of long-term disability cases that attorneys accept involve anxiety and depression. 

How to strengthen your long-term disability claim?

Securing long-term disability benefits for anxiety can be an extremely difficult task, especially if you do it without an attorney. There is a high burden of proof on the claimant to prove their anxiety. This can become an even bigger burden since you are already dealing with anxiety.

Hiring an attorney is the best way to ensure your chances of winning. If you are experiencing anxiety ruining your quality of life, seek medical attention and consult an attorney immediately. 

Meanwhile, here are some practical tips to strengthen your long-term disability claim: 

  • Get an official medical diagnosis and ensure your reports clearly show the link between your anxiety disorder and your inability to work. 
  • Gather as much evidence as possible. The more evidence you have, the stronger your case will be. 
  • Collect all the documentation showing that you are receiving proper medical care and listening to your doctor’s instructions. 
  • Have a legal expert guide you through the process. 

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