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Benefits of CBD use in treating neurotic patients


The Royal College does not yet have empirical evidence on the benefits of cannabis use in treating neurotic patients.


The Royal College is concerned that patients may try cannabis extracts without consulting a doctor. This is because CBD kaufen extracts may have side effects or interactions with medications the patient is currently taking. which may affect the treatment also, common neurological side effects, such as confusion, hallucinations, or drowsiness.It can be confusing for the doctor treating the patient.

Royal College of Otolaryngology, Otorhinolaryngology of Thailand

The Royal College has reviewed academic medical evidence. No evidence was found to support its use.Cannabis in the treatment of otolaryngology.

College of Emergency Medicine of Thailand

Guidelines for the care of patients experiencing adverse effects from a cannabis overdose.Here are some guidelines for emergency care for marijuana patients who come to the emergency room:

CBD kaufen poisoning It can be used in both inhalations, oral, or sublingual form. Intravenous solutions were rarely found—symptoms of poisoning, whether caused by exposure through inhalation, ingestion, or injection blood vessels, topical application, or drip

Symptoms of poisoning They are divided according to severity as follows:

  1. Mild to moderate severity: drowsiness, euphoria, dizziness, altered perception of consciousness, and the mood, muscle spasms, ataxia were also found in inhalation cases. will have a sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, bronchitis
  2. Very severe: lethargy, dilated pupils, unconsciousness, possibly cardiac and respiratory symptoms.

Symptoms of poisoning Systemic symptoms are as follows:

  1. Vital signs: both hypothermia and hyperthermia.
  2. HEENT: conjunctivitis, chemosis, mydriasis, nystagmus
  3. Cardiovascular system: tachycardia, bradycardia, Brugada syndrome, hypertension, hypotension, acute coronary syndrome, atrial fibrillation
  4. Respiratory system: bronchitis, pneumonitis, pneumothorax.
  5. Nervous system: stroke, seizure, coma, drowsiness, stupor, dizziness, euphoria, mood swing, alteration of consciousness, ataxia.
  6. Gastrointestinal: Nausea, vomiting (especially in patients who have used cannabis for a long nausea and vomiting known as cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome), pancreatitis
  7. Urinary system: acute urinary retention.
  8. Mental state: psychosis, agitation.

Treatment for cannabis poisoning coming to the emergency room and out-of-hospital emergency services

  1. Focus on symptomatic supportive treatment A B C D and no antidote in cannabis.
    • In case of coma or respiratory depression, take care of the trachea in the treatment by intubation Respirator.
    • In the case of hypotension, in addition to fluids, After intravenous infusion, it was found that inpatient positioning trendelenburg position characteristics may be helpful.
    • In the case of tachycardia, diazepam can be given in combination with a quiet environment to reduce stimulation, if tachycardia does not improve, follow guideline advanced cardiac life support.
    • Most cases of hypertension after supportive treatment usually improve.
  1. If exposed to cannabis by oral means, gastric lavage or activated charcoal is not recommended. Because most patients have symptoms of depression. risk of choking.
  2. If there is confusion, confusion, agitation, or panic
  • Choose diazepam as the first drug Adult dosage: 5-10 mg intravenously or intravenously midazolam 5-10 mg intramuscularly.
  • Antipsychotic treatment only if unresponsive to diazepam: administer 2-5 mg of haloperidol get in the muscles, commit, and create an atmosphere to reduce stimuli and should penetrate the water level blood sugar to find other causes as well.
  1. If there is a seizure, choose diazepam as the first drug. Adult dosage: 5-10 mg intravenously. Vascular if convulsions do not stop Consider the next anticonvulsant in the barbiturate class.
  2. In the case of patients with hyperemesis syndrome, treatment
  • Advise patients to stop using cannabis.
  • administer intravenous fluids, e.g., 0.9% normal saline sufficient amount to compensate for fluids body.
  • If nausea and vomiting, give medications such as metoclopramide IV, ondansetron IV, dimenhydrinate IV and diphenhydramine IV/IM.
  • There are reports of drug use in the group benzodiazepine IV or drugs in the dopamine antagonist group, including drugs Antipsychotic drugs such as haloperidol IM can reduce nausea and vomiting.
  • may consider proton pump inhibitor
  • Frequent hot baths can help reduce nausea and vomiting, provided that adequate hydration is needed. Get up and take a hot bath.
  • There is a report on the benefit of using capsaicin cream (chili cream) with a concentration of more than 0.25% applied. The Skin on the abdomen Can reduce nausea and vomiting.
  1. Hemodialysis does not help cure CBD kaufen poisoning.
  2. Submission of laboratory tests for symptoms of poisoning Submit according to the patient’s symptoms.

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