Best Mobile Weight Loss Apps 

Losing weight is today more easier than ever with Mobile Weight Loss Applications (Apps) that help users lose weight fast and happily. 

No matter why you need to diet, to look good, to lose weight or to feel great, a Mobile Weight Loss App can help you to reach your goals in no time. Along the way learning all about food items and nutrition and how physical activity and a low calorie intake can make sure of your success. 

Below we feature the Best Mobile Weight Loss Apps to get you shedding those kilos and pounds in no time:

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Calorie Counter 

The Calorie Counter Mobile Weight Loss App helps users to lose weight by setting personal goals and tracking the user’s diet and exercise. Using this App, users can manage their calorie intake as well with the food diary feature. 

This App offers over 27 million individual food items across its extensive international food library database, which has supported over 40 million users to lose some 80 million pounds of weight since 2008.  

App users can choose from various health goals based on macronutrients, carbohydrates or calories and three days of diet and calorie tracking alone can show weight loss. 

Users can also learn about all the different food types, input their eating profiles in order to calculate your desired health goals and the App will then do the calculations for you.

Whatever style of diet you may be on, this App will support  you to lose weight  by suggesting physical activities so you can soon celebrate your individual weight loss victories.

Other features of the App include a barcode scanner so you can track your calorie intake and if you’re out and about just take a picture of your food and the App will let you know not only the calorie breakdown but also the nutrients as well like sugar, protein and water so you can eat smart.

The Calorie Counter Mobile Weight Loss App also syncs with most fitness trackers and allows users to set challenges amongst friends and support you with mean planning and calorie targets along the way.

This App adds value with specific weight loss themed workout plans, recipes to go with almost any diet and users can also read up all about various food items and track their calorie intake and weight loss milestones, all in one place.

Lose Weight App for Men

The Lose Weight Mobile App for Men provides a 30 day plan for men to lose weight and keep fit. Users of this App can access fat burning workout sessions that just take five or ten minutes each day. If you have joint problems or are overweight, then this App offers low impact sessions as well. 

Men will not need any gym or special fitness equipment with this App. The sessions are designed by professional fitness coaches and cover three levels with different workouts for each day targeting the abdomen and chest so you can achieve faster weight loss.

Users can lose stubborn belly fat even faster by creating their own personal workout routines from over 30 dedicated workout sessions and videos and support their weight loss journey with a low calorie diet.  

Across the days, users can review their performance and calories burned and this App syncs across most devices and activewear items as well, so you always will be in the know. 

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

The MyPlate Calorie Tracker Mobile Weight Loss App is one of the best ways to track your calories and stay fit. App users can create custom meal plans and food after browsing the in-biuilt food database with over two million items. 

If you are shopping simply scan the barcode and this App will give you all the details about calories and nutrition levels and users can calculate a personalized daily calorie goal based on your weight loss and health goals as well. 

Users can review their activity and even create custom goals for certain periods with detailed info about the intake of fat, proteins, sugar, carbs, salt and more. 

Users can also set meal reminders and share their weight loss journey with other members of this community who offer each other support, advice, recipes, tips, hints and can also track their water intake simply. This App syncs with other activity tracking apps across all devices, so users can log their exercise activities for review later. 

Users of this Android App Development can improve their diet with a daily snapshot of all the food intake for the day and an extensive progress section highlights a summary of your data thus far with the ability to track and compare performance over periods as well. 

Premium members can avail themselves of advanced statistics, including daily averages and more, a clean eating guide including 21 recipes and a special gold member badge in the online forum community as well. 

Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers Mobile Weight Loss App gets to know the user’s eating habits and preferences before developing a customized weight loss plan that is sure to succeed. Users can browse the weight watchers online food library and choose items with special points for healthy options as well. 

Users can easily track their progress on a weekly basis and sync this App across all your devices making it always there for you. Users of this App can also access equipment-free work workout session plans and special recipes as well. 

The App Developer also allows users to track their sleep and water intake which helps you to sleep better and awaken energised in a productive and good mood. 

Premium users can also access meditation sessions and 24/7 live dedicated links with a coach who will be on standby to chat and offer motivation if needed. 


The Cronometer Mobile Weight Loss App is one of the most accurate and comprehensive nutrition trackers steroid cycle for those who want to live better and eat smarter. 

App users can find out more about the foods they eat and log their food and exercise into the app database, so users can easily monitor their performance in terms of calories burned and benefits gained toward weight loss.

Users can also create their own goals and this App will help support your diet with a keto calculator as well.  Over time users can view their nutrition reports and gain valuable insights into your diets. There is also a friendly and supportive online user group and community forums where all members can share and learn.


A Mobile Weight Loss App Development is just like having a personal fitness coach in your pocket with added ease and convenience. It’s time to stop making excuses and start losing weight with a Mobile Weight Loss App.

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