Can Dog Bites Cause Emotional Trauma?

Dogs are very loved pets. However, when a dog bites, the effects can be physically as well as mental. While a dog bite is not fatal, given the dog is fully vaccinated, being attacked by an animal can have long-lasting effects on a person’s mind and personality. 

There are many victims of dog bites who once loved being around dogs but are now scared even to go close to them. If it has happened to you or your loved one due to the pet owner’s negligence, you must seek compensation with the help of an Atlanta personal injury lawyer

Can dog bites cause emotional trauma?

Yes, dog bites can cause emotional trauma. Emotional trauma can arise from witnessing or experiencing any shocking, painful and unexpected incident. Dog bite marks and scars can leave people with permanent disabilities. The injuries of a dog attack are often so severe that it is easy to overlook its effect on the person’s mental state. 

You probably know someone who keeps saying, “I don’t like dogs,” but never explains why. It is possible that they were attacked by one when they were a child and have not fully recovered from the experience yet. Victims of emotional trauma from a dog bite may never be able to look at dogs the same way or even go near a canine companion at all. 

Dog bites can cause injuries that last for a lifetime. Victims with scars and visible permanent damage may struggle with body image issues and always feel self-conscious when they go out in public. This can lead to low self-esteem and the feeling of being physically unattractive. 

Documenting emotional trauma

You may think there is no way to preserve proof for your emotional trauma, but there is. Keep a journal and record everything you experience from the day of your accident. You can write about the levels of pain, how the injuries affect your daily life and how they prevent you from doing necessary activities. 

You may write about your feelings of self-consciousness regarding your changed physical appearance due to the attack. Your journal does not have to be all text. You may even include photos of your injuries. However, nightmares, flashbacks, and PTSD may be more challenging to prove to the court and require the assistance of an attorney. 

If you were attacked by a pet dog, the first step you should take is to go to the doctor to understand the seriousness of your injuries. After that, you should speak with an attorney to determine the number of damages incurred and how much compensation you deserve.