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How to Lat Spread

The lat spread is one of the most iconic bodybuilding poses and was popularized by bodybuilding superstar Chris Bumstead. He went viral with his colossal lats and was known as “cbum.” The lat spread is a great way to display your hard work in the gym. This bodybuilding pose focuses on the latissimus dorsi muscle.

There are two ways to perform the lat spread. The first way is to push your chest out as far as possible. This is the Arnold Lat Spread. For this, you’ll need to arch your back and push your chest out as far as you can. Practicing this pose is crucial to getting the right stance and developing the perfect lat spread.

The rear lat spread is a great way to display your lats. It shows off the detail and definition of the lats, and can help you create a great bodybuilder shape. You can also perform the lat spread with your back facing the judges to show off the width of your back. Remember to stop immediately if your shoulders begin to hurt.

The front lat spread is similar to the rear lat spread, but you will need to be more relaxed when performing it. Practice posing as if you’re competing in a competition, and take note of any variations that you can find. Some variations include clasping your hands in front of your chest and pointing your elbows upward. The goal is to show the lats and the latissimus dorsi.