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How to Protect Yourself During Tornadoes

When tornadoes threaten, it is very important to get to a safe area as quickly as possible. The best place to go is to find a low-lying place and cover your head with your hands and arms. The wind and debris created by a tornado are very dangerous and can hit you in the head. If you are indoors, it is best to seek shelter under sturdy furniture to avoid falling debris. If you can’t get under a sturdy object, protect your head and neck with your other hand and arm. Since the head is more vulnerable to injury than any other part of your body, it is also best to stay away from doors and windows.

If you are stuck in your home, the best place to seek shelter is the basement of a sturdy building. You should also try to stay away from overpasses and cars. The wind and debris in a tornado can lift up a car and toss it through the air. Mobile homes are particularly susceptible to tornadoes. Even if they have been tied down, they can still be overturned.

Tornadoes are most common in two regions of the U.S. – the central and southern plains. These tornadoes typically occur in late spring, although they can strike at any time of the year. Tornadoes often occur with little warning, and can accompany tropical storms or hurricanes. Tornadoes tend to be most dangerous during the day, between 3 PM and 9 PM tvbucetas.

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