Denia – what to see?

Denia is a beautiful city on the Costa Blanca that offers more than just great beaches. You can enjoy the historic center of Denia with its amazing artistic heritage or take part in activities such as fishing and sailing at one of the many marinas! What to see in Denia? Read on!

How to get to Denia?

The easiest way to get to Denia is to fly into Alicante airport, which is located near the resort. Alicante airport to Denia transfers are offered – it is worth ordering them in advance and use this option to reach your destination in peace.

What to visit in Denia?

This ancient city is a destination for tourists from all over the world. The Romans dedicated it to Diana and made it one of the busiest ports on the Spanish coast. Since then until today, Denia has been attracting people.

Castle in Denia

A castle from the 11th century overlooking the coast? What more could you want from a vacation? Denia Castle is one such place in the world! This amazing structure was built by the Romans centuries ago and has undergone many changes since then, but not without retaining its originality at every turn. From what we’ve heard, the last reconstruction took place during the Renaissance. The castle is a proud symbol of the city. The fortress has been fortified since Roman times, when it served as an important strategic point for defense.

Torro del Gerro

Built to protect the coast from pirate attacks, the watchtower is 125 meters high. It is also an important heritage site of great historical and cultural value, located in a beautiful natural setting – perfect for sightseeing!

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Old town/center

In the historic center of Denia, modern buildings mix with old ones. The Old Town consists mainly of streets near the castle gate, as well as other places in the city such as churches and the town hall. In the market square you can find many restaurants open until late at night

Relaxation on the beach

The coastal town of Denia is famous for its beaches, which fall into two categories: flat or sandy in the north and rocky in the south. A distinctive feature of this municipality is that in both areas you can find many one-storey houses covered with bright colored tiles; they are usually equipped not only with a porch called “riu-rau”, but also with gardens where the inhabitants grow tomatoes!

Denia is a picturesque town in northern Spain, perfect for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle. From Denia you can take a cruise to Ibiza or Mallorca.