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The dictionary defines digitate as leaflets held in a spread hand. The corresponding parts of the word are the digits. This term was first used in 1904, and it has been defined ever since. This article presents the meaning of the word and gives a brief description of the various synonyms and variants. It also offers a list of similar words in English. However, before we go into the details of these synonyms, we need to know a few things about the language of these moths.

The company’s main product is ignio, a cognitive automation system that integrates disparate applications and underlying infrastructures. It can identify and automate processes while also making smart decisions based on the information gathered. The software can help organizations optimize their business by identifying the root causes of any problems, thereby allowing for a faster ROI. The software is already used by organizations from different industries, including financial services, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, and many more.

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Digitate’s ignio SaaS platform is a leading cloud-based enterprise software. The platform applies artificial intelligence to streamline complex processes, including sales, marketing, and human resources. Its software helps organizations achieve maximum productivity in a wide range of business domains, such as manufacturing, logistics, and human resources. Moreover, ignio can predict future performance. The company has been awarded a number of times in different awards.

The ignio SaaS suite, a flagship product of Digitate, is a closed loop, autonomous enterprise software that automates processes. The ignio platform is used by organizations across industries. The company’s ignio technology is used in manufacturing, healthcare, and finance. The company also provides solutions for the digital transformation of organizations in many fields. These technologies will help organizations improve their productivity and lower costs.

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The ignio SaaS platform is an artificial intelligence platform that allows organizations to optimize complex business domains using AI. It uses machine learning to predict and automate processes. As a result, it saves time and improves quality. Inflorescences are categorized into two types: subdigitate. The latter refers to subdigitate plants. Those with a subdigitate inflorescence do not have any digitate branches.

The ignio SaaS suite is Digitate’s flagship product. It is a closed loop autonomous enterprise software that automates business operations and IT. Its clients include businesses of all sizes, including those that require the use of complex business areas. With ignio, organizations can improve their performance across multiple domains, from finance to retail. It’s a powerful AI platform that helps companies analyze and automate processes in the most effective way.

The word digitatus is a mid-17th century synonym of “finger”. It is derived from the Latin digitus, which means “toe.” It is used in a plant’s genitals. Its digits are similar to fingers in appearance and function. Its name may not be entirely familiar, but it is a form of ‘digitate’. This term is a common alternative to ‘finger’.

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