Do You Know The Diabetes Diet

There are many misconceptions about food in diabetes. These are just misconceptions. For example, eating sugar causes diabetes. Eating more sweets does not cause diabetes. Sugar is a carbohydrate. Rice, bread, these are also carbohydrate. The hormone ‘insulin’ secreted from the pancreas inside the stomach breaks down blood sugar orglucose to generate energy in the body. When insulin is not secreted from the pancreas or low, the amount of glucose or sugar in the blood increases. This is the condition of diabetes. Diabetes occurs even if insulin cannot work for some reason. So, it is a misconception that sugar is the reason for diabetes.

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However, eating more sweets at the same time will suddenly increase the glucose level and put extra pressure on the pancreas. Then that’s the problem—moreover, more sweet means taking more calories. If you do not walk or exercise properly, the calories will accumulate in the body, and the body will become fat. This will increase the chances of getting diabetes. There are many rules to follow in choosing a diabetic food. All you have to do is: meals will be planned. Daily meals will meet the needs for daily activities.

The food is normal food like the food of others. However, it has to be moderate and balanced according to the caloric needs of the body. You can take carbohydrates and avoid oil. Grains, fiber, and vegetables are good for diabetes patients. But fruits that contain high sugar should be eaten in a balanced way. You have to choose those foods, which control the sugar level of blood. It is not necessary to stop eating all your favorite foods if you have diabetes. You can taste all, but in a moderate way, and of course in a planned way. Maybe the amount could be reduced a little.

If you have diabetes, you should always eat special ‘diabetic’ food that is not correct. Diabetes patients can eat all normal foods like others. Just take a look at a balanced diet. Try to maintain sugar level, have carbohydrates, protein, vegetables, oil in a balanced way. But be careful about carbohydrates. This food raises blood glucose levels. So you have to take it carefully. Carbohydrates that raise blood glucose levels quickly should be eaten sparingly. For example, sugar, sweets, overcooked rice, flour bread. Carbohydrates that slowly raise bloodDiabetes glucose levels can be eaten more—for example, red rice, red flour bread, vegetables, whole grains. But the number of calories should be kept in mind. Protein is good for people with diabetes, but the amount must be moderate, 15% to 2% of total calories.

Diabetes patients can take any foods by increasing or decreasing the level of insulin dose. Artificial sweeteners are dangerous in diabetes. Artificial sweeteners contain fewer calories but not safe. But you can take aspartame, sucrose. The American Diabetes Association has approved artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucrose, etc.

Drink water and try to walk every day. Exercise is necessary. Sleep well. Give your mind and body enough rest. Try to maintain a proper diet chart and consult your doctor regularly. Try to follow the plate method. This will help to get a properly balanced diet. The plate method is simple. Just try to put all types of food like a little amount of carbohydrate, protein, oil, vitamins in a plate. It will help to track calories.

These rules seem difficult to maintain, but to be healthy, these should be followed. If you follow the rules in this way, you will be safe and healthy.

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