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Dos and don’ts after being injured in a car crash – Tips for vehicle drivers and pedestrians


None of us ever plan to be injured in a car crash and hence this is a scenario where most people are never prepared. No, possessing adequate insurance coverage is not always enough as there’s more to it than just compensation. 

If you’re someone who has been injured in a car crash or you simply want to stay aware of the dos and don’ts of a car accident, you’re on the right page. Keep reading to know more. 

Things you SHOULD DO after being injured in a car accident

  • Get assisted by 911

This is a no-brainer but yet it has to be mentioned here as most people lose their cool after a car accident. Even though you might not feel injured after the accident, you should still call the police. Any kind of minor or major accident needs to be reported to the police. In fact, it is your legal duty to report an accident as long as you’re able to do so. 

  • Keep the scene safe and secured

In case there are other vehicles stopping at the accident scene, remove them as soon as possible so that other drivers don’t fall into trouble. Click a few quick pictures of the accident scene. However, stay safe while doing all that. 

  • Keep a tab of all details

Fortunately, if you are the one who is not crucially injured, you should keep a tab of the accident scene. You not only need to click pictures but you should also take notes of everything that has happened. Click pictures of the vehicles that are involved in the accident, any tire tracks, smashed rails, or broken glass.

  • Seek medical help

As soon as medical help reaches out to you, get the required treatment. You may require something as straightforward as a short examination or just first aid. Injuries like internal bleeding are never obvious immediately. Hence, it is vital to seek medical help instantly. 

Things you SHOULD NOT DO after being injured in a car accident

  • Never speak with the insurance company unless you’re prepared

The insurance company of the at-fault party might record your opinion without your permission. They might use your statement as proof to deny or reduce your claim. In case the insurance company demands a recorded statement and you still didn’t consult an attorney, simply deny doing so. 

  • Not consulting an attorney on time

We advise you to immediately speak with a personal injury attorney as they are the most experienced and knowledgeable people to evaluate your PI case and inform you about your rights. In fact, the initial consultation is often done free of cost. 

  • Not getting the proper care

Did you know that insurance companies focus entirely on the type of follow-up treatment that you got after the accident? If your follow-up care is ineffective or inconsistent or reveals that you’ve met the wrong doctors, you may fall into real trouble in the near future. 

Therefore, whenever you become a victim of a car crash,  you should remember to take the above-listed steps and avoid doing the don’ts. 

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