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Home tuition means when a teacher teaches a student privately in a home setting. Mostly one teacher helps only one student at a time. But sometimes students make groups to save time and better open group discussion.

In Singapore, home tuition is getting famous day by day. Because with the current rate of progress we need the best of potentials for our country. When it’s about the future of the country, no compromise on quality is possible.

To help you with the preparation of any level or competitive exams, home tuition will keep you one step ahead always.

Benefits of home tuition:

There are several feasibilities of home tuition. Some are:

  1. Continuous attention: As one teacher is here to help only one child. There is plenty of time and mental preparation to explain a topic fully. This is not possible mostly at schools or colleges because of the huge number of students the teachers have to handle.
  2. Comfortable environment: Your child will learn best in the home setting. Plus you can always check the progress. Also the safety issue. You don’t have to be worried always about your kids being out or traveling in the busy cities of Singapore.
  3. Tips and Tricks: A tutor can show some tips and handy tricks to crack a question very easily. This is not possible in a traditional schooling system. This will keep your child always one step ahead.
  4. Careful judgment: As a home, the tutor gets the chance to monitor the kid very closely and for a longer time he can give the immediate report about his basics and potentials. You can get time to time to update your kids and know where to improve and how.
  5. Better understanding: If you are a shy student and don’t feel free to ask questions in the class, this is just the thing for you. You can clarify all your confusion here.
  6. Deep knowledge: A tutor usually teaches one subject. So he is an expert in that specific sector. It’ll help you to strengthen your basics and get out of the fear of lagging.
  7. Budget-friendly: There are several choices based on the expertise, experience, and area you can find your tutor easily.

Where can I Find My Tutor:

If you are in Singapore, tutorcity is your destination. Tutorcity is a tuition agency with private database of teachers all over Singapore. They have as much as 20000 profiles of authentic teachers. They offer you

  1. Finding a profile that matches your needs.
  2. Offers the best match within the shortest period.
  3. You can have a session over the phone with the teacher before the agreement to see if it will do your job or not.
  4. Thousands of reviews. You can see the authenticity here.
  5. Expert teachers for higher studies and competitive entrance exams. It’ll get you through the toughest of exams.

Drawbacks of home tuition:

There are not many drawbacks of study ever. But some issues may arise when studying in-home tuition. Like

  1. As here the kid will be getting personal attention always, he/she might not get comfortable in the class.
  2. Regular care may make him /her dependent on private tuition.
  3. If you don’t find the right media there’ll be a lot of fuss to find the right one.

There is no bad impact on home tuition on your child. But you have to be careful a little about the media that gets it to your door. Always stick to the trustworthy brand for your / your kids’ better future.

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