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Guide to Playing Singapore Toto Online


Toto is a very lucrative lottery in Singapore with an annual increase in jackpot prize for up to millions. Recently, the jackpot prize for Toto was set to $12 million in the Toto Hongbao Draw this year.

This lottery is also very popular in the country along with 4D and many citizens are trying their luck by buying a ticket every week. If you are new to the Singapore lottery and you are looking for solid information regarding the procedures on how to play Toto, you are in the right place.

Game Mechanics

There are two methods of betting on the Toto lottery, the Ordinary and Quick Pick bet. You should try the Ordinary method first because it is much easier to learn.

To play Toto, you need to choose six digits from a pool of numbers from 1 to 49. In the Ordinary bet, you are prompted to decide which digits to include in your six-digit entry and then place your bet.

The minimum wage for an entry for a single set of numbers is $1, however, you can opt to select other bet types which cost more. You will be given a payout once you have guessed at least three winning numbers.

You also have an option to include multiple sets of combinations, however, the winning numbers must be a part of the same series. You can also generate a random set of numbers by utilizing Quick Pic at a lower price.

Complex Entry Systems

There are more complicated systems than the standard six-digit entry such as the System 7 to 12 entries. You have the option to include seven to twelve numbers in a single set, however, the cost of the betting ticket also increases. You can also play System 8 which is also known as the Saturday Lottery Entry.

In order to apply System 8 Toto, you need to select eight digits from the pool of numbers from 1 to 49. Your official entry for the System 8 is divided into 28 games, with each one containing six number combinations of your preference.

Your lottery ticket will only present eight selected numbers. Each of the entries can yield a specific payout since each draw works in the same pattern. For example, if the digits 1 to 4 are included in the winning combinations, your entries of 1 to 6 can yield a reward.

Quick Pic Bets

Quick Pic bets are an easy and cost-effective method of playing the Singapore lottery. Compared to the Ordinary bet which requires you to input manually your desired digits, in QP bets, the computer system will generate the number for you to play.

The cost for the QP method is much lower compared to the Ordinary bet. It is also much more practical to use the System 12 entry to increase your probability of winning a prize.

There is also a method called System Roll which allows you to choose five numbers, while the remaining number is represented by “R”. The rolling number or “R” represents the rest of the numbers that can be drawn.

Getting Your Ticket

After you decide to choose what numbers to enter and select the bet type, you will then add your entry into a bet slip. Click Confirm after you place your bet, then you can view your official entries in the Transaction History.

After you bet, you have two options on how you will claim your ticket. For physical tickets, you can present a QR code to the teller in the outlet that was generated in the application. For an electronic ticket, you can visit any authorized kiosks and get your electronic ticket as a proof.

Final Words

Now that you know the basics of Toto, it is now easier and convenient for you to play the game online. We hope that this guide helped you in answering your queries about the Singapore lottery.

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