Handy Shares Basic Factors to Beating Any Addiction


Everyone has a dark place that’s tempting and makes them get involved in destructive activities. According to Handy, while getting addicted to anything is easy, getting out of it may seem impossible. Even when you try your best, it may seem insufficient. It turns out that you didn’t have the right factors to assist you. Here are the fundamental elements that you must follow for beating any addiction:

The Factors

1. Get buddies and support each other– Humans excel in groups and communities and have terraformed the planet with their cooperation. Addiction seems too small of a challenge for a group of humans who can support each other. As buddies, your job is to help each other and protect each other in your journey to not fall off the cliff. Temptations may be strong, but together you are more robust. You have to remind each other that today is for struggle, and tomorrow would be better. 

2. Replace harmful cravings with positive alternatives– Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and most other addictive substances have chemical hooks that bring back the desire and make you lose your clean streak. One of the best ways to fight that is to train your body to replace that craving with something positive.

For some people, it may be books, and for others, it may be a workout. The next time cravings allure you, try to drown yourself into an intriguing piece of literature or go to the gym or jog. These activities release endorphins that may be able to suppress the cravings. Try out a couple of different activities and see what works best for you. They don’t just help you fight addiction but also help you improve yourself in other ways.

3. Bring in accountability– Accountability is an invisible force that keeps corporations, individuals, and mighty nations in line. It can be a powerful weapon in your war against addiction as well. While CEOs and athletes get mentors to guide their professional success and spiritual well-being, you can get yourself an “emotional sponsor.”

They may be your doctor, your therapist, your spouse, your parents, or even your kids. If you break your streak, confess your misdeeds to these people. It may seem inconsequential, but it creates a weird sense of guilt inside you that reinforces your stable behavior and self-control that keeps you from going for that “single drag,” or “just one puff” the next time.

4. Break your schedule– Every addict knows that there are certain times during the day you need your stuff. “Three in the afternoon is a mandatory smoke break.” “I can’t possibly keep away from a drag with a beer in my hand.” “My morning news can’t be without a glass of bourbon.” All of these are dangerous zones that need to be avoided and, in the most optimistic cases, replaced with polar differences.

Read the news on a different medium or change the time when you read the news. Go out for a walk around the neighborhood in the afternoon. Avoid beer and other types of alcohol that may trigger your addiction. Have you tried mixing up a red bull with orange juice? It’s delicious!! Avoid those triggers at all costs.


Handy suggests that you take back the remote in your hands and don’t allow addiction to guide it anymore. Follow these tips, and with a bit more willpower, you will win.