Healthy Menu, Clean Food (Clean Food)

Many people probably already know about clean food or healthy food. But we would like to explain to people who do not know what clean food is. 

Clean food (Clean Food) is food for people who care or love health. Suitable for people who control their diet. Or those who want to exercise to lose weight by applying fresh food that is beneficial to the body Let’s cook together In other words, eat foods that minimize many processes in production. Some people may misunderstand that A clean diet means eating a lot of vegetables, but clean food is not just vegetables. Rather, it is a food menu with the right proportion of nutrients Cut down on sour, salty, sweet, and fermented foods by choosing only healthy nutrients and needs such as protein, carbohydrates, and fat. That is an important part of our body protein from fish, chicken or eggs, which are not processed foods. Such as sausage Because processed foods often contain substances that are harmful to the body, including sugar, sodium, preservatives, which can lead to health problems, obesity and a decrease in the effectiveness of the immune system, yingpla the best game for casino.

Processed food has only emerged over the last 200 years, while humans have evolved over 200,000 years, the human food structure has always been designed to fit natural food. Eating processed foods thus exposes our body to more complex digestive mechanisms. Causing internal organs to work hard and causing various diseases

Eating clean helps your body to bring the benefits of food to the body more than eating processed food. If not, you should avoid frying that use a lot of oil. May be boiling or grilling on a low fire. Or if you really need to fry, you should use a Teflon pan, but  Make sure you have a little bit of oil, and your carbohydrates should be complex carbohydrates like home wheat bread or brown rice. If it’s sugar It should be sugars from high-fiber fruits such as apples or berries. Fat from deep sea fish or healthy fats Like olive oil Where fats are consumed but only to allow complete nutrient absorption And focus on the consumption of good fat (HDL) mainly because bad fat (LDL) can result in high cholesterol.

Today we will introduce healthy clean foods that can be easily made at home.

But before introducing the menu Let’s look at the benefits of eating clean food first.

  1. Better fit looks more bang

 Clean food is a great weight loss food. Just choose to eat good fats. And carbohydrates in the right amount and eat fruits and vegetables. It will help reduce belly and excess fat in the upper arms and thighs even better. It is an easy and effective way to lose weight yourself.

  1. Slow down aging makes the skin beautiful and clear face with aura

Help fight free radicals Reduce premature body deterioration problems Including stimulating collagen production and helping to excrete Make your skin beautiful, clear face

  1. Far from diseases such as cancer

Clean food is a great anti-cancer food. Because it helps to increase dietary fiber Add antioxidants Reduce various carcinogens Reduce the chance of colon cancer. But if worried because there is a risk Are hereditary or concerned with cancer that they feel they should have insurance But thought that he definitely cares for his health

Now we know the general benefits. We will introduce convenient clean foods. Easy to eat and cook at home (Certified dever)

The first menu is tuna bread.

It is a stylish and modern menu. But not missing the good taste It has a great taste of egg and tuna. Served with 1 fresh passion fruit. Ingredients include 1 egg yolk, 2 egg whites (it is said that we can eat up to 5 egg whites per day, but emphasize that only egg whites. As for the yolk at most, 1 egg a day is enough), followed by 2 slices of whole wheat bread, tuna in mineral water. Fresh vegetables can be chosen as you like. As for the method of making, they come together to make the figure as in the picture. Just like this, you can get 1 clean food that doesn’t need to be seasoned. Can be delicious as well Plus good for your health

The next menu is similar to the first menu. But changed the taste: scrambled egg sandwich + tuna

This menu is very easy. There are only a few ingredients that can be added to one more tasty clean food, similar to the first one, with 1 egg beaten into the pan and whisked to break and stir to resemble the Omlet. No oil needed Will give a little feeling of the egg’s texture But delicious as well Followed by 2 slices of whole wheat bread, finished with your choice of vegetables. Served with 1 fresh passion fruit as well, what would be so natural?

The next menu still uses ingredients similar to the first two menus, namely the tuna egg bento.

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I can tell you that this dish is very clean. Contains tuna eggs served with fresh vegetables that we like. Eating with hot riceberry rice Just as this can be clean and delicious.

This is just a menu that we give an example that is easy to do. (Very easy) Even children can cook themselves. Clean food is not as difficult as you think. And losing weight is not as difficult as everyone has ever done. Delicious and healthy as well Don’t forget to cook and eat, everyone ^^

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