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Home exercises one can easily do be fit in Lockdown


With the increase in the duration of the lockdown, the movement of the body has further decreased. Clouds are gathering in mind. Almost everyone is stuck in the cycle of body and mind. A line has been drawn in motion. So psychologists opine, Corona has put more paws in the human mind than the body. The coronavirus is testing the mental fortitude of the entire human civilization. How easily the coronavirus enters the body depends on the body’s immune system. Inactive body, with fatigue-anxiety: the combination of these two reduces the immunity. Offices, schools, and colleges are closed, and people without emergency are not going out. How to keep yourself fit in this situation? Let’s see what exercises are needed to stay at home for 24 hours.



The quarantine changed your diary overnight. It is very important to meditate for a short time to reduce stress. Immediately after waking up in the morning, meditate before sitting down with phone, computer, laptop, or talking to anyone else. Try to concentrate on breathing; it will help to get rid of all the worries. Just 10 minutes of meditation will help keep you balanced and active throughout the day.


Indoor walking

At this time, you can make your walking circuit in the comfort of your own home. It can be done by walking and climbing stairs or by dragging in a long place. It can be done even in a tiny room. Walking just two thousand steps is enough for one day, which will take only 10 minutes.


Bar piece

It is also known as ‘Triple Threat Attack.’ Just ten minutes of walking and five minutes of bar piece exercises can make the whole body active. 


Jumping squat

One can do regular 10-minute squat jumping after doing bar pice exercise. It will help to move the whole body. Jumping squats make the body sweat and bring back the freshness.


Hi Knee


This exercise increases the speed of running and increases muscle endurance. It is also quite beneficial for the growth of thigh muscles and physical fitness.


Keeping rope jumping or skipping


This exercise is very effective in keeping blood circulation normal. This exercise burns about 10 to 15 calories per minute as it activates the whole body. The jumping rope normalizes blood circulation, improves respiration and 


Jumping Jack

This exercise affects the whole body. It helps to activate the organs of the body quickly and keeps the mind cheerful. Jumping jacks help to improve one’s flexibility, weight loss, and mood.

Tabletop crunch


Table crunch

Start the tabletop crunch exercise lying on the mat. Keep your feet at a 90-degree angle. Bend the elbows; place both hands behind the ears. Breathing should be done with the shoulders slightly above the mat, using only the abs.


Knee-support push-ups

 The push-up exercise may seem difficult at first. However, this exercise becomes much easier through Knee-support. This can be an effective exercise while in quarantine to move the muscles.


Sun salutation

It is also called sun prostration. This exercise is an ancient way of expressing respect and devotion to the sun. It takes about 14 calories to complete this exercise once. Doing this at least 12 times a day maintains the health of the body.


In a word, exercise increases immunity. Our lymphatic system is the main soldier in the fight against germs. Part of this system, the antibody, moves around the body like a watchdog, looking for germs—the more efficient the body, the sharper the antibody guard. The lymphatic system works well if there is joy in the mind. After 20 minutes of exercise, the brain begins secreting the hormone endorphins. So, don’t neglect exercise. 


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