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How a Cornerstone Can Help You Build a Cornerstone


A cornerstone is the first stone set in a masonry foundation. All other stones will be positioned in relation to the cornerstone, and it is this stone that will set the exact position of the entire structure. In short, a cornerstone establishes the foundation of the whole structure. Here are some ways that a cornerstone can help you build a cornerstone. Read on to learn more about the role of a building cornerstone.

A cornerstone can be any type of content on a website. The best cornerstone content is not just a single article. It is a series of related posts. One article should be a cornerstone. The second article should be a long tail focused on a different focus keyword. This is a strategy called compounding impact: you optimize the first post with a focus keyword and then link to the second post with the second.

A cornerstone is an excellent place to start your website. It should be easy to find and read. You can use the homepage to link to the cornerstone article. You can also make new blog posts related to the topic of the cornerstone article by creating an index. Using a link strategy to cross-link your posts will help your cornerstone article rank for a specific keyword. In addition to the cornerstone, you should also optimize your blog posts with long tail variations of the keyword in the title.

The cornerstone should be placed prominently on your website. This way, people will be able to click straight to it from the homepage. Other blog posts on the same topic should link back to the cornerstone article as well. By doing this, your cornerstone content articles will be indexed in Google searches more often and receive more traffic. You will have higher search engine rankings for these cornerstone articles if you have a good internal linking structure.

A cornerstone article should be the main article on your site. It should be readable and have plenty of headings. A long cornerstone article should also be linked to other relevant posts. The cornerstone should also be referred to by long-tail variants of the cornerstone keyword. This will increase the chances of your cornerstone content article being ranked in Google and improve its rank in search engine results. It should also be linked to by other articles within your website.

A cornerstone is the most important article on your site. It should contain the most important content in your site. It should be the anchor of your site. You should also optimize other internal articles for similar topics and link them to the cornerstone. This will help your readers find more relevant articles and increase the overall ranking of your website. This is the cornerstone of a successful site. It should also be the cornerstone of every page on your site.

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