How to choose a door sign?

Why, having entered an unfamiliar state or public institution, are we able to easily find the office or room we need? In search of the principal’s office at  school, we will definitely not go to the toilet or gym, but in the office center we will find any office we are looking for in a matter of seconds. This is not intuition – just door signs help us. Many people mistakenly believe that these products exist for informational purposes only, but in fact they can tell a lot about the status of any organization. If earlier signs were quite primitive, now their choice is breathtaking: from simple wood samples stainless steel. It remains only to figure out all types and understand how to choose a door sign that will best suit your organization.

Types of door signs

Plates are a unique tool for presenting information in the shortest, simplest and most accessible form. If you look closely around, signs surround us everywhere: street signs, house numbers, signs at airports and train stations. But perhaps the most popular – door plates. In public buildings, factories, office centers, government agencies of different types, each door has a sign, or even several.

People use door signs  in hotels, and now it’s not just about identifying rooms. From offices and hotels, signs migrated to ordinary apartments. Naturally, at home they are used more for decorative and humorous purposes reflect the mores and tastes of different owners.

Office labels on the door

In enterprises of various kinds, in cultural and educational institutions, other state, public, industrial and entertainment institutions, door signs basically perform one function – to indicate purpose of an office, so that it is easier for visitors to find their way.

Door plaques on offices usually inform about the position of a person who is behind the door, as well as his name, surname and patronymic. Hours of operation, warnings and prohibitions (for example, CCTV warning or no smoking) can also be specified. To emphasize its status and individuality of every company, you can order plates of non-standard size, with a unique design and company logo. In addition, any company uses signs indicating restrooms, utility rooms. In schools and universities, plaques are more needed to indicate classroom numbers, or signs with the names of professors or teachers.

It is not difficult to choose door signs based on your budget and requirements put forward. It is important that regardless of the chosen material and type of inscription, signs remain very light, so that there will be a minimum of problems during installation.

Metal plaques

Probably, we do not need to point in explaining that a metal plate looks solid and impressive, immediately declares the status of a company, and in business, solvency and reliability are judged by such trifles. 

Usually for the production of BSign door signs are used:

  • Stainless steel;
  • acrylic glass;
  • wood.

Plates made of stainless steel look very impressive. The company cuts on a CNC laser machine. Applies a stable – permanent UV Printing. Makes three-dimensional letters from colored acrylic. 

An acrylic plate is an effective presentation of your advertising information and a statement about solid status of an organization or person. The plates made using this technology look very impressive, outwardly similar to glass plates. This material is resistant to environmental influences, so these products can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  The space of options for this appearance of plates is simply endless and impeccable. They look exclusive and personable.

Wooden plaques have become very popular. Decorative elements fit perfectly into any interior, creating a cozy atmosphere. Every wooden sign on a door quickly becomes an integral part of establishment.

All signs are  HandMade, all plates are collected and painted by hand.

Door sign for house

At home, you can use all the same signs, or you can use semblance of full-fledged office plates. They can simply be attached with double-sided tape and metal holders, distance from the wall 0.8 ” / 20 mm. Self-adhesive signs, by the way, can be used not only in apartments, but also in public buildings. As a rule you can see such as “Do not litter”, “Do not smoke”.

BSign door signs

This company produces exclusive signs of all types, shapes and for every taste. Stainless steel is the main material of BSign company, which is the best for door signs. Managers will gladly answer all of your questions.