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How to Choose the Right Meeting Room Layout for Your Needs


The layout of your meeting room depends on your business needs and preferences. Moreover, your audiences’ number also affects your decision on how you will set up the venue.  So, before you design the area, it is crucial to know who will be your audience and the purpose of your meeting.

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Here are the meeting room layouts you can choose from based on your needs:

  1. Fishbowl Style

In this layout, you don’t need to bring tables. You have to arrange the chairs in a circular form, wherein the member of the team can see and talk with each other. This setup is ideal for discussion-type events.

The only problem with this layout is that one or two persons can be reluctant to join or participate in this discussion.

  1. Herringbone Style

Although this style is similar to classroom type, the arrangement is more on V-Shape, wherein both groups can have a better view of the stage and its speakers. This setup is ideal for small-group meetings, such as product launches, interactive sessions, and workshops.

  1. Banquet Style

If you plan to have a catering service in your meeting to conduct networking, award nights, sit-down dinners, and team-building activities, this banquet style is the right one for you. With this setup, you can utilize and get the best out of the venue.

The only downside of this style is that there is a hindrance in communicating or interacting with people on the other tables.

  1. Reception Style

The reception and banquet-style are quite similar to one another. The only difference is that in reception style, you’ll find cocktail tables around the room. You can use the table, and at the same time, invitees can mingle and connect with other people while having a cocktail.

  1. Cabaret Style

This setup is almost the same as the first two meeting room layouts. However, in this style, the table doesn’t have complete chairs. The front is usually left empty to let the audiences see the speaker without barriers. That’s why one of its downsides is that you cannot use the venue’s full capacity, and the guests should have a limit.

  1. Theater or Auditorium Style

If you want to maximize the space, this one is perfect for you. But of course, it should suit your needs. It is ideal for conferences, lectures, seminars, and presentations that will last for two hours. However, the main focus would only be on the speakers. Interaction between participants could be challenging.

  1. U-Shape Style

This setup’s image is similar to a horseshoe. You can have this meeting room layout if you want to have a discussion and present your proposal simultaneously. If you will observe, this style is typical of corporate meetings. If you are conducting workshops or debates, then this one is perfect for you.

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