How to prevent hair loss caused by contaminated water?

Water is an essential part of our daily lives. Although, because of global warming and pollution, clean water has become very scarce. Many natural water reservoirs have either dried up or are contaminated. The water we get in our households is also contaminated and contains many toxins and pollutants. The daily rituals that were supposed to make us more refreshed are now draining our energy; showering is one of them.

Harms of drinking contaminated water

Drinking contaminated water can lead to hair loss, dull skin, and kidney diseases. The human circulatory system is mainly made up of water which is why it needs to replace used nutrients with new ones. Since the water is contaminated, the circulatory system would get affected and damaged. To prevent this, you can use water faucet filters which filter the water from any pollutant. The filter needs to be changed after every three months but can be easily installed, and it’s cost-effective.

Harmful effects of showering with contaminated water

Showering has many benefits, such as replenishing our skin’s nutrients and cleaning our bodies. Although, because of polluted water, showering does more damage than good. The chlorine-contaminated water can cause rashes, hair fall, and even cancer. Our hair follicles are susceptible and require special care and our scalp; the chemicals damage our skin and drain its nutrients which causes it to become more fragile. Since the water is contaminated with chemicals, the hair follicles get damaged and lead to thinner hair.

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Your hair will suffer from many symptoms such as weak roots and frizziness because of the contaminated water. The chlorine in the water dries the scalp by removing the essential oils from the scalp. The scalp needs the oils so that it keeps the hair moisturized and healthy. For more information visit this site: forextradenews.

These nutrients which are removed are essential for strong and thick hair.

What should you do?

To get rid of the adverse been done to your hair, follow the following:-

  • Installing a shower filter: You will need to install a shower filter to remove all the contaminants and toxins from the water. Soft water is the opposite of hard water; it replaces the nutrients and minerals needed for healthy skin. A water softener or a shower filter is used to clean the water before it touches your skin. This method is cost-effective and gets the job done.
  • Use effective shampoos: Using a replenishing shampoo is very important to reverse the damage caused by the hard water. The chlorine and chemicals which have removed the nutrients or caused damage need repairing. Using a suitable shampoo is very important as it will balance the mineral content on the scalp. 
  • Use a shower cap: If you are worried that your hair and scalp are very fragile towards hard water, you can wear a shower cap and prevent the water from touching your hair. Later you can separately wash your hair with soft water, which will prevent hair damage and hair fall.Read More About: filmy4wepVisit The Site: f95zone