How to Use UX Design for SMB Growth

Steady business growth in the modern business world comes from smooth user experience and satisfaction.

Since most businesses are seeking their audience and revenue online, they should learn how to apply user experience (UX) design to generate more leads and customers.

UX design can cover a wide range of fields, from business websites and blogs to social media posts and apps.

In this article, we’ll share some common tips for improving business growth via UX design on an SMB website.

1) Highlight the key website sections

When you’re picturing your business website, think about the number of sections you want to offer. For starters, you can identify your main competitors’ websites and the keywords they use. This will serve as an orientation point for your business, as well. Businesses in the same niche often use the same website structure because their visitors have got accustomed to one visual layout.

Once you’ve seen how your rivals arrange their websites, you can lay out yours. Write down what you want to achieve via your business website. What section of the website is the moneymaker? Do you want to streamline the visitors to landing pages to get them buy from you? Do you want them to read the content and convert them into long-term subscribers?

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Your goals will determine the structure and layout of the website sections. Whatever you decide, let there be up to four or five main sections. Add that number of tabs to the homepage so that visitors can easily get to each of them.

You might want to add a falling menu to each of the sections so that visitors see the subsections when they hover their mouse over the main sections.

Also, make sure to make both the plans and the pricing visible on the homepage. That way, visitors will immediately know whether your services meet their budgets.

2) Ensure high load speed

Low load speed is one of the key reasons why a website has a high bounce rate. An average visitor waits for a few seconds and then moves on if the website they visit doesn’t fully load. With the increase of mobile users, the waiting time is even shorter.

Your website might be loading slowly for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, adding too many large photos and videos will reduce the load speed. So, optimize all the images and videos you add to your website. As for the videos, don’t upload them to the server, but upload them to YouTube and only add links to your website. That way, you won’t host the videos, but add them from another source.

Moreover, work with your dedicated hosting provider and web designer to reach the optimum level of visual and other elements on the website. As explained by the web design specialists from a web design company in Houston, a business website needs to convey the information relevant to visitors.

In line with that, leave out all visual and textual information that don’t bring additional value to users. Make the website look everything visually appealing and informative enough but keep it simple. Such an approach will ensure both high conversion and load speed rates.

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3) Make your brand recognizable

When you think about the most popular brands in the world, you’ll realize that the logo and brand colors are the first things that cross your mind.

So, that’s the path you should follow if you want your business to become one of these brands.

To make your brand recognizable, you need the following three UX and marketing features:

  • Brand colors. Some colors are more commonly used in one industry than in others. For instance, green, blue, and white are typically associated with ecology, the water industry, and the maritime industry. Yellow and green are often used by companies dealing with alternative energy sources, etc. Do your homework to see what brand colors your rivals are using and find the right ones for your business. Don’t copy them but don’t move away too much from them either.
  • Business logo. Your logo needs to send a clear message about your business. Unlike colors, it doesn’t have to be directly associated with the niche, but it must resonate with the audience. Again, check out what businesses similar to yours have done and then see how you can become competitive.
  • Fonts and symbols. It’s not the first thing that you’ll think of, but choosing business fonts is an important step in setting your business identity. They need to match the logo and the brand colors because they’ll usually appear with here for  more : jio-rockers

4) Choose the right domain

When you’re choosing your business domain, don’t rush.

First, come up with a sound and original business name. However, don’t choose a complicated name because people won’t remember it. What’s more, this business name will be a part of the domain name, so think twice.

Apart from that, talk to several hosting providers before you make your next move. If you’ve come with an interesting business name, check if that domain has already been reserved by a hosting company or any other business entity. It might happen that someone has already bought or registered such a domain without launching a business. In that case, you might need to buy it or work with that particular hosting company.

5) Publish informative content

Content will always be the point at which you either attract or repel users. Creating and publishing informative and relevant content is a much more effective way of seducing customers than aggressive advertising.

When a visitor comes to your website or blog and become interested in your content, they’ll stick around to see what else you have to offer. The longer they stay on your website, the more likely they are to convert to customers.

Your content will be more dynamic and amusing if you introduce several categories of articles. So, you can follow the current affairs in the industry, publish your own success stories, and invite guest authors to write for you.

All these elements need to be organized into visually appealing and easily accessible texts. Add photos, infographics, and charts to support your claims or stats. The more UX-friendly elements your content contains, the more contented your readers will be with it. As a result, you’ll generate more leads, customers, and buyers.

SMB owners need to bear in mind that seamless user experience is a powerful tool marketing tool. So, apply the tips shared in this article to let visitors enjoy your website and make them wish to buy your products or start using your services.