How Will Divorce Lawyers in Ottawa Look Into Your Legal Matters?

Common law applicable to Ontario residents is usually Ontario-based, but nothing prevents Ontario judges from citing appropriate case law from courts in Alberta, British Columbia, or Nova Scotia. Common law is overwhelming, and thousands of relevant cases are not kept in one place.

So, consulting a Divorce Lawyer in Ottawa is strictly advised for couples preparing for the legal consequences of their divorce. Each partner can decide to initiate divorce proceedings, and this can only be done unilaterally or jointly.

In most cases, the parties enter into a separation agreement, which has resolved all questions arising from the divorce and often determines who is responsible for the divorce proceedings.

The lawyers support you through:

Divorce papers
Det-together contract
Marriage contract
Planning or amending wills and POA
Mediated Solution
Counseling for the loss or disability of a loved one

Things Your Divorce Lawyer Supports You With

There are a few things that you have to keep in check during your divorce, and some of them are:

Child support

Divorce Lawyers understand that all dependent children have a legal right to financial support from their parents, including foster parents. The federal government’s child support guidelines specify how much-orphaned parents must pay to parents—an organization funded by Legal Aid Ontario and the Canadian Department of Justice.

This booklet describes parents’ legal responsibilities for child support in a separation or divorce. It provides information on who is responsible for paying child support, how to arrange child support payments, how child support is required, and information on income taxes.

Spousal Support

Ottawa family laws can be tricky, but the Ottawa Divorce Lawyers will help you through it. Most people know very little about what happens when a civil relationship or marriage ends. If you would like a better general understanding of your legal rights and obligations, we encourage you to read the Ontario Family Law, issued by the Ontario Attorney’s Office.

Division of Properties

External factors are essential to support children and partners. While the courts review the most recently filed federal tax returns, the courts have the right to more closely examine any monies that were not recorded or remain outside your tax return.

If the court finds that the maintenance spouse’s income does not represent the income they may receive during the marriage or which she may rely on for her livelihood, the court may order the spouse to determine the maintenance.