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Importance of link building


You can’t neglect the value of link building and a need to put together a strong plan that can help you earn high-quality links if you want to rank your website on Google in 2021. In fact, links are still among the top three ranking factors available. There are dozens of approach that can be followed for link building process and sometimes it can be all so confusing. But don’t worry, Active seo shield are to the rescue. They are digital marketing experts who provide various services around link building and guest posting. 

Why link building is important?

Link building is no easy process and it takes its time. It is also difficult to get right, ensuring those who can effectively implement strategies to create good links than their rivals usually see substantial growth in site reach and revenue. It is why you must recognize why links are so essential and why they should take up a significant portion of your SEO budget. To explain in a better flow, let me break it down further:

  • When you devise a web page which is of good quality, users need to see it and for that google needs to show it on specific search results. What to do?
  • After your page is complete, insert to different relevant pages which can attract attention of users and in this way will also improve score on google ranking algorithm.
  • Further, when google access different website of same niche, it may be routed to specific website and this is win for everyone.
  • The referral traffic work wonders. First of all, we know that we are hitting the right target audience as links are for those specific pages only and that drives those viewers to this site and they might even help in increasing the conversion rates.

When designing a link-building strategy, bear in mind that not all ties are created equal, and that there are several main elements that lead to long-term performance. You must realize what a great connection is for you and that the more work you put into obtaining the right links, the greater the effect you can see. Having links from different domain can also help in widening the audience as it bring people from different locations. 

Over time, link building strategy will bring more traffic and it will be evident as well. Also, you must avoid thinking of link building as a one-time task because the outcomes can discourage you. Link building, in combination with other initiatives such as content development, outstanding customer service, and social networks, should be a continuous stream of operation. Combing all the processes of SEO, only you can hope for increase in site traffic and revenue for your business. It is the combination of all the tactics in the bag to reach to the destined goal at some point of time. Individual activities do work but they take very long time to give results and by that time you might have lost you patience in getting the required results for your business website.

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