Important facts About the Health of Your Urinary Tract System

Excretion of wastes from the human body is a vital process that needs to take place efficiently for you to remain healthy. The urinary tract system helps the body eliminate liquid waste in urine. Urine contains mainly water, urea, and other salts. Without proper excretion of body waste products, it would accumulate in the body and cause damage to your body. Thus it’s essential to keep your urinary system healthy for optimal functioning of your body.

1. Parts of Urinary System

  •       Kidney- filters and removes waste products and excess water from the body, among other functions.
  •       Urinary bladder- receives urine from kidneys through ureters and stores it temporarily.
  •       Ureter- are tube-like and carries urine from the kidneys
  •       Urethra- it’s the one through which urine gets out of the body
  •       The sphincter- is a muscle that controls the release of urine from the bladder.

2. How to Take Care of Your Urinary System?

·        Drink Enough Water

Take about eight glasses of fluids daily. The most crucial fluid is water, so you should ensure that at least half of your fluid intake is water. Consumption of enough water also reduces your chances of experiencing constipation. However, if you have a health condition that requires regulation of fluids intake, such as kidney failure, you should talk to a urologist. You can search for a urologist brooklyn new york, to get the services of a qualified urologist.

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·        Urinate More Frequently as Needed

You should avoid holding back your urine for long. Urinate every few hours, like every three hours, to prevent excess accumulation of urine, which may weaken the bladder muscles and also cause urinary infection. Consider frequently peeing as necessary.

·        Wear Loose Airy Underwear

Cotton underwear helps absorb moisture and keeps the urethra area dry. On the other hand, nylon underwear is non-absorbent and therefore keeps the area near the urethra moist. The moist environment creates a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive.

·        Women to Wipe from Front to Back

For women wiping their genitals from front to back helps eliminate the chances of contaminating the urethra with bacteria, especially after a bowel movement.

·        Empty the Bladder Completely

While urinating, it’s advisable to take your time to empty your bladder. Another tactic to help you unload the bladder entirely is to allow your muscles to relax. Remember that holding urine for a long time will create a good breeding ground for bacteria.

·        Eat a Healthy Diet

Eat food rich in fiber to help you increase your bowel movements. A healthy diet will also help you manage your body weight and keep fit. Also, you should consider limiting your consumption of alcohol and quit smoking.

3. Examples of Urinary Tract Health Problems

  •       Urinary tract infection
  •       Kidney stones
  •       Kidney failure
  •       Failure of muscles to control and hold urine

4. Symptoms of Urinary Tract Disorders

  •       Cloudy urine
  •       Leaking urine
  •       Stomach cramps
  •       Urinating after every few minutes
  •       Bad smelling urine

5. Treatment by Urologist

Urinary infections are uncomfortable and can even have more detrimental consequences, such as infertility. Therefore, it’s essential to visit a Urologist for all your urinary system disorders and infections. The urologist will assess all your health conditions relating to your urinary system and other comfort and treatment. Your urologist doctor may decide to do a urine sample test to look for signs of infection. The doctor may become a bit intrusive and insert a thin pipe with lenses attached through the urethra to the bladder. The urologist will analyze all the information for diagnostic purposes.

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6. An Important Precautionary Tip

Avoid the use of deodorants and other chemicals, including irritating lubricants, around the genitals.


Many people tend to shy away from complications related to the urinary tract system. However, it’s important to consult a qualified urologist to help diagnose your problem and most likely offer a solution through treatment and guidance. The role of urologists in matters relating to your sexuality is very important. Make a point of booking an appointment with a urologist for your needs about the health of your urinary system and other related complications.

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