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Kandhe Ka Woh Til Sachet Tandon New Single Out Now


It’s not too late. Sachet Tandon new song is going to be released soon. The title of the song is ‘Kandheka wo Til.’ The new song will be released soon to surprise the fans. That day is not far away. On 07.09.20, The song will be released with an exciting video.The song is featured by Zara Yasmin and the very popular Salman Yusuf Khan. Kumar has written this wonderful song. The song has been beautifully directed by ‘The Real Emotions.’

A Short Biography of Sachet Tandon, The Singer of The Song

Sachet Tandon was born in Delhi. Then he settled in Mumbai, Delhi, and pursued a singing career. He loved to sing since childhood. He had a keen interest in music since childhood. He always  Respects to the song. This respect and love for the song have helped him to reach this far of success today.

He had an aristocratic feeling in his voice since childhood. So his family encouraged him to sing. He has become a famous singer by working day and night to improve the aristocracy of his voice. He has made 15 albums so far. There is a lot of variety in his songs.

Some Information About His Upcoming Song:

Song title Kandhe ka wo til
Singer Sachet Tandon
Lyricist Kumaar
Music direction Manan bhardwaj
Direction The real emotions
Female Artist Zara Yasmin
Male artist Salman Yusuf khan
Release date 07-09-2020

Treasure of Kandheka wo Til song: The trailer of this song has shown some fantastic song scenes. From this, it is understood that the song will be released among thousands of viewers and fans with great expectations. The female artist in the song is famous and very talented. Her name is Zara Yasmin. And the male artist is famous  Salman Yusuf Khan. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

Every scene of this beautiful song is very admirable. It is not possible to understand everything by watching the trailer of the song. Manan Vardwaj is a loving singer. All the songs he has made have been super hits. We can expect that the upcoming song of this super hit singer will also be great.

You will be amazed to hear this song and watch this great video. We all are waiting for this amazing song.So I hope you will stay with us to get this surprising song.

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