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Ladies and gentlemen, please begin London erotic massage


As an athlete, I frequently have massages to alleviate tight, fatigued muscles, as with meditation, receiving a massage not only relaxes the muscles but also the mind.

You can, however, transform a standard massage into an erotic massage by making a few adjustments to the technique, it is possible to employ this style of London erotic massage to entice any woman, women who receive these sensuous, full-body massages will form an emotional bond with you, even if it is only for a single night, as a result, achieving orgasms becomes a lot simpler.

Learn How to Perform Sexy Massages

A great way to entice a partner is with an erotic massage, now that I know how to be an excellent masseur, any date of mine will be an unqualified success. In every case, the lady I’m massaging and I usually finish up having some of the best sex of their lives. After an erotic massage, ladies appear to become extremely sensitive to the touch; everything from their emotions to their body sensitivity seems to be amplified.

Having Patience Pays Dividends in the Long Run

When dealing with women, you must be patient, women’s minds and bodies function best when massages are performed slowly also with care. A massage is a great technique to get a woman’s juices flowing because it can take up to 45 minutes for her to become fully aroused.


Ask her permission before going from a routine session to an erotic massage, if she likes you, she’s more likely to say yes but if you’re unsure whether or not to proceed with an erotic massage, pause and ask her if it’s okay to touch here and there to avoid any awkward or humiliating situations.

Developing a Better Technique for Massaging

If your aim is to seduce & satisfy women, you must include sensual massage in your toolkit of woman pleasers, to improve your technique, you’ll need assistance from the experts and you may learn the basics of sensual massages by picking up a few cheap books.

Tips for New Massage Therapists

Be Ready for Anything!

Before scheduling a massage, be certain that you have enough time to complete your daily routine without interruption, such as phone calls and a minimum of one hour of free time should be guaranteed maybe more because sex usually follows London erotic massage.

Before delivering a massage, be sure you’re ready to do so, make the perfect ambiance by keeping the room cozy and playing calming music in the background. It is imperative that you utilize a player that is set to repeat to ensure that the music plays uninterrupted throughout the event, then she’ll see that you’re romantic who cares about satisfying women and I bet she can’t say that about any other male she’s dated.

Oils that Put them In the Mood

Don’t forget to bring your hot and tingly massage oils, be prepared to reapply the massage oils by keeping them in a convenient, easy-to-reach position because this is the last thing you want to deal with, and also, don’t forget to keep your hands clean, and trimmed fingernails and hands are a must.

Those are the Last Ideas

Seduce ladies with these insider tactics and tricks that only a select few men know about. Become a master of the game and easily acquire the woman of your dreams. Women’s seduction is a skill that must be honed, and I will teach you how to do it.

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