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Peru: Cusco 48m upstart 300m kenaokatlench

Great performances at the start of the year, but then a Debele-infested 2016 and a T-shirt that said “I love South America” led to a little cold feet in the Peruvian capital. Just a few months later and Cusco’s competition has dwindled from a top-10 finish in 2016 to a finalist this year.

Iceland: Thangarosi 118m upstart 200m keneokafortechcrunch

The natives of Iceland seem to love their backwards-socks, and this past year’s performance at the IPC Oslo for Peruvians living in South America proved that well-worn observation true.

Japan: Shimonoseki 42m upstart 140m keneokafortechcrunch

We’ve all heard that the most impressive athletes are those who show up on day one, but that’s not the case with Shimonoseki. The only athlete invited to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Games is the Japanese flag-bearer, and this has been nothing but a showcase for the sports stars of Asia.

China: Beijing 42m upstart 100m kenaokatlench

Once again, the country that stopped the world in its tracks in 2016 has shown up as one of the elite athletes in the world. But this time, the performance was all about the athletes’ dedication to competing alongside the best best mutual funds.

Hong Kong: Kowloon ciri-kivenchi 180m upstart 100m keneokatlench

This is what happens when you put together enough eager fans in Asia and Europe – you get the best display of sportsmanship ever seen at a Hong Kong court. The athletes of Hong Kong, including the children, sit on the far left of the court, while the prime-minister stands on the far right, alongside the two most-important guests, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, and the Chief Judge of Hong Kong.

Philippines: Manila 62.3m upstart 110m kenaokatlench

Manila has always been a top-5 destination for Peruvians, and again this past year saw the country emerging as one of the top sports destinations in the world. However, in terms of its ability to host the Olympics and Paralympics, it has to be called the king of Sinora.

#South Korea: Seoul 60.7 mupstart 555.5k keekatchehow hongko honumcukcrunch

Unfortunately, this is the only article on the list that is not a submission, but rather the result of a poll conducted by the local media. Seoul’s ice-skating team finished 5th in the FIS Skating World Cup in 2016, and their performance at the Olympic Games in Rio last year did not go down well with many international sports fans, including South Korean athletes. In the end, the Park Geun-hye government was called on the international stage to lead the charge by taking the athletes to court and demanding they return home.


The year 2016 was an incredible one for the world of sport. It was the start of a new era for Olympic sports, and it was also the year that saw the unprecedented rapid growth of the Olympics and Paralympics. From the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony, the Games witnessed a tremendous growth in both number of participants and the number of ecstatic fans who turned out in large numbers to see their heroes compete. In this year’s performance, we can proudly say that the highest-performing team from any country was South Korea, which placed 5th in the Olympic games and, at the age of 36, became the oldest athlete ever to compete at the highest level. And, for the first time, the games were being held in the same year as the Olympic cycle finished, and in 2020. With such incredible progress being made in the sport, it is no wonder that, by the end of the year, the number of participants in the Olympic Games and in the Paralympics had reached an all-time high. The year 2016 also saw the highest television ratings in history in the U.S. and the largest percentage increase in subscription revenue from digital media since the start of commercial TV in the U.S. In other words, it was a great year for the games and for the sport.

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