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Manufacturing Analytics: Everything You Need to Know


The manufacturing industry is a key part of a supply chain in multiple other lines of industry. By getting these products out to their consumers, businesses are relying on this process to keep themselves ahead in the marketplace. However, deeper analytics can help these companies truly get ahead of the game. This can impact everything from customer satisfaction to product quality. Let’s take a deeper look into how these analytics can better a company’s bottom line, and gain insight into its processes.

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What is manufacturing analytics?

Data analytics are actually a pivotal aspect of any company’s business intelligence operations. This can be a game-change for revenue and efficiency. Manufacturing analytics is a part of a wider revolution where factories are expected to evolve into self-running by embracing automated technology. Historically, manufacturers haven’t been able to harness all of the data they need throughout their manufacturing process. This used to be a weeks-long process for companies to have to deal with, coming with complex and expensive tools to collect information from machines.

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Manufacturing analytics have helped the manufacturing industry get a full scope of their supply chain with complete visibility of their inputs and outputs. This system relies upon predictive analytics and big data analytics to enable smarter factory solutions. This delivers actionable insights in real-time, letting company leaders make decisions with more immediacy. This can notice restraints through quantities of data, spotting problems wherever they may lie. Data sources are gathered through these systems, reformatted for easier deployment of analytics and findings.

Business Cases

Manufacturing analytics has found itself implemented in a variety of business cases throughout a supply chain. This allows companies to get a better grasp on their inventory and order management. This gives some control over demand forecasting from a manufacturer’s customer base. With a clear presentation of supplier performance, these analytics allow for a company to get an understanding of what they have in inventory and assuring the delivery of that order to keep customer satisfaction at its absolute peak.

These systems of analysis will evaluate all of the data sources that a company has at its disposal to understand where issues lie on the shop floor or within the actual manufactured good itself. When evaluating product quality, these advanced analytics have real-time monitoring of what is coming off the line. This assures reliability to build a sense of trust within the customer base. The use of these algorithms through process optimization, creating a more efficient factory that can process capability and optimize maintenance. This also gives the greatest oversight on supplier performance, making sure there is transparency from top to bottom in getting products out to customers.

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Benefits of Manufacturing Analytics

The best part of any manufacturing analytics system is that it provides companies with real-time awareness of the good and bad within their business processes. This gives decision-makers the edge by converting data sources from legacy systems to a database that is seamlessly digitized and clear. This helps business optimize their underlying costs, recognizing where downtime is occurring within their processes. This is helping to accelerate innovation for some companies while redefining the customer experience throughout.

Manufacturing companies are able to increase their productivity and profitability with the help of this real-time analytics. Through machine learning models and data visualization tools, manufacturers are able to uncover insights in data that they may have never seen before. Through this predictive maintenance, manufacturers can prevent breakdowns in their machinery and avoid a bottleneck in their production. This is also better than waiting on human handling of a massive amount of data, which could lead to a greater risk of error that can skew business decisions. These analytics are the edge that a manufacturer needs to step out in front of the pack.

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