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May 6 2020, Corona Virus(Covid-19)Update news


Corona Virus is getting higher day by day. The Scientists couldn’t able to make any vaccine of COVID-19. So day by day its getting higher to higher.
There are 36 new cases of Covid-19 in India. Total cases in India is 49,436. The total death is 1695 and new death news is 2. The total recovered 14,183. They went back to home. So now active cases are 33,558. Indian government are able to make tests of 1,276,781 people.
World-wide :-
Total case of the whole world is 3,742,585. The total death is 2,58,840. Total recovered 1,248,077. The total active cases are 2,235,668. From these 98% patients are in mild condition and 2% patient are in serious condition.

COVID-19 Symptoms :-
1. Cough.
2. Fever.
3. Shortness of breath.
4. Chills.
5. Muscle pain.
6. Headache.
7. Sore throat.
8. Loss of taste or smell.
If we find ourselves in these symptoms then we should go to doctor and should check up of COVID-19.

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