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Melt Your Heart with Delightful Song By Beautiful Singer Amalia Kadis


Music is an art, and it is a cultural activity. In general definition in music, we’ll know that music includes common elements with pitch, rhythm, and dynamic. And mainly, music expresses and modulate emotions. The primary work of music is mood control. It can decrease your pain and anxiety. And from researchers, you will know that music is too beneficial for mental and physical health in numerous different ways. Music is beautiful, and it can give you peace in your mind.
And if the singer can give your emotions full control with her/ his lyrical song, that’s maybe too much great. And now, let’s get to know a little about this newest charm full talent, Amalia Kadis.
Amalia Kadis is an EDM artist, a new face in the music industry born in Java Island, Indonesia. Currently living in Tokyo, Japan, she’s only released her first single in the early year in April 2020, and proudly the EDM artist, Amalia Kadisis about to release her first album this month in September 2020, just a few months after the first single got on air, according to what she said on her social media.

Photo : Twitter Amalia Kadis
Photo : Twitter Amalia Kadis

The freshener talent begins her music career in 2019 under the local music label Aplux Records based in Java Island and Tokyo, Japan.

It is a good news for dance music listeners as they seem so excited waiting for the album to release this month. It’ll never be easy in this difficult situation caused by the horrible pandemic, but at least people still working on their best to create something good,in this case, music, for example.

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And so does the electronic singer Amalia Kadis, she’s been working so hard at home during the world’s home isolation mode as she said on her social media, and a hard work never lie, she finally made it, an album soon release !

Though she started the music career in a massive period when the crazy pandemic began, and still that wasn’t make her think small. Well, that’s such inspiring though.

Amalia Kadis told a media in her interview that the self-isolation mode was the best time to started focused and to create something like working on music and write some lyrics for example. She did not relevant when it comes to the point of releasing music since her first single released this year in April, that’s how her four singles already out just in months after the first.

Click on the song tittle to listen Amalia Kadis first single “Dry Under The Sun” on Spotify. The second single was big room genre music called “Goodbye” featuring DJ REDD.

And the best dance music so far by Amalia Kadis is her third, the lovely popular beats called “Love Me”.And the latest one is the real crazy love feeling she ever felt and wrote “Crazy About Me”.

After listening to those four beats we couldn’t be more agreed to feel excited for her album to release.

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