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Most three famous Films and TV series about gaming all time


Today, there are gambling movies or movie gambling to recommend everyone to try and find out. By these movies, when everyone has seen it, it will be entertaining. And will get good ideas, whether it’s a moral idea. Be warned that you should not put too much effort into gambling. Or even teach that no one gets rich from gambling. The details of the story of each movie will be like that. Let’s see.

  • Crazy Macau Shakes Up Vegas From Vegas to Macau

For this movie, got a young hero like Zhou Wen Fa (playing the role of Ken), a famous gambler. Who acts as a consultant to the security system of casinos in Las Vegas? When Ken returned, the disciples were pleased and welcomed him back.

At that time, a great hacker named Kool (played by Xia Ting Fong) wanted to be a student of Ken. to continue the legend of Ken’s gambling master, But Ken didn’t get anyone to be a disciple easily, so he told Kool that if you can cheat me even once. So, I will accept you as my disciple.

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And this movie has a scene that has been filmed in their country as well. It is a scene where there is a chase in the story. The scene where Ken goes to play Sic Bo in the Casino and the scene where Ken fights Watching this movie, I can say in one word that it’s full of flavor, full of happiness, sadness, tears, comedy, and the action is still full.

  • 007 The Betrayal of the Casino Royale World

The movie Casino Rayale is an elite detective from MI6 who investigates cases of transnational money laundering gangs. In casino royal for this detective is James Bond (played by Daniel Craig), which to investigate James Bond will have to infiltrate the Casino PG SLOT. pretend to be a gambler with the government funding.

This movie has scenes, action, and it’s almost the whole story. And the final scene is the scene where James Bond is chasing the villain who ran into hiding. Foreign consulate Once he sneaks in, he catches the villain. He alone fought with the foreign consular security team until the very end. It’s all messed up and ruined. It is a very spectacular movie-making. It’s a movie worth watching.

  • Las Vegas 21

For this movie 21, as far as I saw it, I knew immediately that it was a movie about gambling, that is, the game of blackjack. A math teacher named Mickey Rosa (played by Kevin Spacey) has set up a gang of students. Go Cheating on Blackjack Cards in Casinos By using fraud count chickens Wedding. With a student named Ben Campbell (played by Kevin Spacey) as the head of Joe, he’s a quick-witted, acidic student and has teacher Mickey. Being the mastermind behind in the first phase, you can cheat and profit until you can’t count. But when often Enter the casino dealer and get caught. and the fun begins.

Because playing regular cards is already tricky. This must be both stressful. Requires each person’s wits to find a way to escape. The final episode of the movie also had a twist. Still have to hurry and see.

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Review of gambling movies or all three gambling movies that each story has a different form of gambling that is played. Some stories have good reminders. that we can use in gambling. They sincerely hope that all of these stories will be helpful to all friends.

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