Must-Have Medicinal Plants To Keep You Healthy And Hearty

Medicinal plants are those plants from which we humans can make some effective medicines for various ailments. Some of these plant parts are processed, whereas some are used raw to make the cure for various diseases. Although, the pills suggested by the doctor works, having these medicinal plants around can actually help you not just save yourself from the common ailments but also save you from emptying your pockets. These plants can be consumed in and as salads, teas, essential oils and much more. Without much delay, let’s discuss what these medicinal plants that you can bring home to keep us healthy and hearty are.

  1. Basil/ Tulsi – Some worship this plant in India, whereas on the other hand, some others tend to add flavours to their various dishes to garnish their salads, pasta, etc. But a few people who know the health benefits of Ocimum basilicum aka Tulsi. E.g., The holy basil has manganese in it, which tends to break down various compounds of the body. Other health benefits are to reduce stress, prevent ageing, reduce swelling and inflammation, strengthen bones and liver, boost immunity, metabolism and improve digestion. 
  2. Catnip – Goes by the scientific name of nepeta cataria, Catnip is every cat’s favourite plant due to the innate aroma this plant releases. If a cat tends to consume this plant, it even ends up acting as a sedative for them. But for us, humans, this plant is known to be a great source of relieving stress, assisting in our sleep and look after our skin. It has been blessed with chemical compounds like nepetalactone, thymol, etc., which makes it effective while treating various ailments. Other health benefits of Catnip would be to repel insects and bugs, relieve stress, anxiety and even stomach discomfort and catalyses the recovery of cold/ fever patients.Visit The Site: JioRockers
  3. Cayenne Pepper – Spice up your life as you bring a popular detoxifier known as capsicum annuum aka cayenne pepper plant indoors. It is said that this pepper plant is responsible for providing pain relief and lowering cholesterol among people. Other health benefits of this plant would be to boost metabolism, ease up stomach or indigestion like ailments, improve circulation and detoxify the entire body. 
  4. Chamomile – We bet if you have tried herbal teas, you must have even come across the name of this medicinal plant – Chamomile aka matricaria chamomilla. The Chamomile flowers are what has been bestowed with the therapeutic properties so one can brew the dried flowers and can prepare a cup of chamomile tea to say bye-bye to insomnia. Other health benefits of these flowering medicinal plants would be to improve overall skin health, relieve pain, stress, reduce inflammation, supply much-needed antioxidants to the body and relieves congestion. 
  5. Dandelion – For all those wondering whether dandelions are edible, let us tell you that they are very much edible and are filled with medicinal properties. A dandelion plant aka taraxacum is packed with vitamin K, vitamin C, iron, calcium and more which helps in supporting liver health, treats skin infection, looks after bone health and prevents urinary diseases. The dandelion roots are mostly where all its medicinal properties are hidden.
  6. Garlic – We know that garlic tends to keep all the bad witches and vampires at bay! But did we know that they keep diseases too at bay? Garlic is a super plant which fights numerous infections, manages cholesterol levels and does much more than just being a sidelines herb. It is said raw garlic is filled with much more nutrients than when it is cooked. It is said to prevent some heart diseases, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, improves digestion and boosts memory. 

So, these were some of the must-have medicinal plants which would ask you to keep closer to yourself because of its medicinal properties.

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