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North Korea is reporting on coronavirus


Shell miracle credit but as infectious disease damage continues spreading which shoot this of the countries number zone plague damage prevent for measures continue being taken are Yunnan Court In the province on the 13th in the capital part of the village drill cow need the Holy Spirit new type corona essential infected person occurred related related it there over 10000 residents isolated measures The took court province last December in China credit coronavirus occurred on the day China church days like this many people mating being first said said next Australia prime minister On the 13th he said that his country Jesus credit corona mandatory this spread prevent for China from the mainland coming to foreigners for entry prohibition measures another one week keep On the other hand the World Mobile Communication Competition which was scheduled to be held in Barcelona ​​Spain has been canceled in relation to credit corona necessity voluntary radio wave problems. As representatives canceled high revealed thus earlier small various national mobile communications companies this in the competition not participating not stance announced also recently  Large cruise ship Wester de what new corona rain due to concern that there may be an infected person from Japan the Philippines Thailand etc. Sue port sued 1400 55 people Passengers and 800 two crew members aboard located this cruise ship maritime of cattle two weeks while wandering Cambo descendants church approved 13 days seeded towards Let’s take a look at the damage situation in China China Guo-cheong raw pick and Mirae according to published statistics according to the published statistics according to the 14th 24 o’clock credit Kona In Korea for Bill 3 the total the number of infected people was 60000 6 thousand 400 two people On the 14th the current death toll is 1500 23 severe patients 10000 old three people and also typical suspected patients 30 8900 69 complete recovery Liso born people are said to be 8000 out of 6 people and 169000 39 people are undergoing medical observation there is it is said with our country adjacent in China in Heilongjiang Province Esau 14th the current infected person More than 400 rao difficult formation in incandescent 9 people in Jilin province by yo deny explanation increased said Daum the highest number of infected people in the Chinese church as of 14 days in Japan The number of early in the morning infection I more increased the first infected the number was 210 and four people were recorded and even in Singapore 9 patients b and Ruth patients additionally occurred and the number of small infected people increased to 67 With this on the 14th the current global infected number has reached more than 60000 7000 500 people ah now international socialism great anxiety anxiety arousing a new type corona blood As John arm thoroughly just squeeze about him well know that important then this time new color necessity Sorano what will he famous  With you rough upper layer upper about I will tell you in general color blood which can infect people and some animals large river baeksan finally belonging to as  Natural broad exist exist color or blood is human or animal in the body quintessence pesos hu qi system digestive system nervous system can cause 7 diseases can 2002 Until a year ago chart corona necessity cows severe moderate upper respiratory tract diseased acute were considered to be but at the end of 2002 acute respiratory syndrome aka SARS occurred caused while boto dangerous  Need yourself admit become started  This time discovered credit krona blood writing daniel 4 repair river nucleic acid need sieve as colorna need deceived beta corona blood bitter through belong vol magi  2 phases and have polymorphism such as for warmth or elliptical shape and have a diameter of 60 to 140 divided and come World Health Organization is last February 11 new corona p dios by  Of the disease official nomenclature announced the earth two diseases last year at the end occurred the source the great the rona the necessity the number that in mind with the cup the degree So far according to the research results the new color or the required number is bright Corona necessity small unknown color na necessity number recombination so arise column rain sweep  Presumed is 1003 the former is new colorna p loose potential intermediate host called new color butterfly line number infectious disease 2 weeks requirement incubation period which person And 1 4 the mouth the tide the infected person eh when the coughing and sneezing basin is divided the sect is destined through the 2 drops and the air the door and the earth are also called Zumba become kill  Corruption voluntary major proprietary private dull way subject polluted air grocery daily living supplies and speaking can are besides we idol aid Even at home infection can say lice disease incubation period is generally 3 4 g7 days and is said to be up to 24 days. New Krona blood infectious disease characteristic acute hobi blood infectious disease  To picture phase scientific signs there are there are that that is fever heal stomach cough muscle pain and fatigue feel become infected from the moment jung  To on the 8th on the 8th on the day very difficult shortness of breath it hurts that Mii all head pain angles table 1 marginalization myscoum plan heart hollow gorin Sinus etc various stratified infiltrating appearing here dangerous things some patients in only to infected even special abnormal symptoms without normal condition In the case of visible cases and some masks those inside at the time of examination at first they are negative but only when the condition worsens then they are positive some old young patients inside  Only infection after strong immunity rather side effects causes life’s dangers initial to sometimes said the it immunity strong human body pathogen A come in explosively proliferate immune system hypersensitivity reaction cause need abnormal many transformation substance 4 times but then the immune system is normal not only pathogens cells Until poison strict because because called new kolabi deuce mask if middle one cup in case as one week after heck difficulty appears severe If composition breathing degree previous or 9 wins fut distress syndrome burn middle or captain fertilization less or burn say therefore tooth debt infected time time if you do not receive detention in time Work glass sharply off up to 3 to deal with to above cattle burn as as new corona need stinging good danger very strong death causing dangerous  Malicious rain we this about well know this finally go in our country never hydrophilic seizure prevent strong countermeasures establish get out will. 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