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Poker language – some common poker terms and language and what they mean


A number of poker related words and terms are really interested part of poker.  Whereas you may previously know various poker terms and lingos, you probably don’t know a lot of other terms as a beginner. By the passage of time, poker has hoarded numerous terms and words that players use as their own language and can be perplexing for the beginner.

Some famous terms of poker with their meaning

  • Ante:

Before the hand is dealt, ante is a small amount that players bet. It helps grant the pot some value before starting the gamble.

  • Action:

This word refers to all the raises and bets made between hands. If a player is not giving attention to move the game, this term signifies “it’s your action now”.

  • All-in:

This is done when a gamer puts all his chips into the pot and mostly used as a technique to scare the opponents.

  • Bankroll:

It is the amount of money that is specific to be used only for poker.

  • Bankroll management:

It is a very essential but unnoticed part of poker. It is really difficult to make money without a good bankroll management system.

  • Bubble:

This term is used in tournament poker, and refers to the person who missed out on paying position.

  • Board:

It refers to all the community cards including the flop cards, the turn cards and the river cards.

  • Cash game:

It refers a jokergame that is being played on real room where players can buy chips whenever they want.

  • Check:

This term has two meanings. It can be used instead of the word chip or it can be used to not choosing a bet while holding to raise or call afterwards.

  • Fish:

This term is used for an unskilled or frequently losing player.

  • Free roll:

Free roll has two meanings. It can be a poker tournament that doesn’t require any entry fee or it shows that a player has possibility of winning when he is connected with another player.

  • Fold:

It means giving up the hand that you previously have, hence losing all the winning money till then. It can be used when you can’t deal with the other hands for that round.

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  • Full ring:

It refers a game that includes 9 or 10 players.

  • Hand:

It means the five cards given to a player which include pocket and community cards.

  • Raise:

It means increasing the amount of the current bet.

  • Ring game:

It means a regular game instead of a tournament. It also means a game in which cash is used instead of chips.

  • Nuts:

It means the best possible hand at specific point of the game.

  • Omaha:

It is a style of poker where 4 cards are given and the player has to make a best hand using 2 and 3 cards from the board.

  • Rake:

It refers the money the house takes in after a move of poker.

  • River:

Fifth or last community card in poker is termed as river.

  • Showdown:

It is a point in the game where all the players have to show their hands and 

  • Tell:

It refers some kind of gesture or physical movement of a player that can provide the details of hands he has. 

  • Variable:

It is used to depict the ups and downs of the game that every player experience even he is really expert.

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