Popular Flowers and Their Symbolism

Flowers have this effect on us, humans, that no matter what the special occasion is, they are always welcome to enter our lives and leave us mesmerised with it. They somehow define beauty, purity, warmth, and other such beautiful feelings that we just can’t help ourselves fall in love with. For gifting purpose or to decorate the celebration venue, or even making up for someone for your absence, flowers have become an indispensable part of our lives. These are the popular flowers that become our greatest companions when it comes to making some confessions to our loved knees. We have mentioned each of these beautiful flowers alongwith their symbolism. Take a look!

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  1. Rose – We don’t have to much emphasise the fact as to how many roses are popular. Isn’t it? Rose is one such flower that has conquered the hearts of all, from the greatest artists, poets to songwriters. People let go of its thorns to justify it as a true epitome of beauty. One could actually make out from the fact that the sale of roses usually tends to go up during Valentine’s week or are gifted to partners on anniversaries. Hence it symbolises love, romance, passion and desire. Though, yellow roses are said to stand for friendship.Read more about : Pii-email
  2. Sunflower – Sunflowers are bright yellow standing tall flowers. They are easy to grow and, at a somewhat considerable level, good for human consumption as well. Nonetheless, going back to talking about this beauty, we have to mention that they represent loyalty when gifted.
  3. Tulips – Are you living a deep, perfect fairytale kind of love story? Then, tulips make a perfect token of floral love to express the unsaid to your partner. It is said to be one of those flowers which have been associated with the feeling of love over quite some centuries now.
  4. Marigold – We are pretty sure that you might have spotted marigold decoration at some ethnic Indian function, isn’t it? The beauty and the bright orange/yellow hue of this flower make it impossible to be neglected due to its pungent smell. Marigold has a beautiful spiritual significance as per ancient Indian culture. So if you have a guru to who you look forward in every spiritual sense, pass him/her some marigold flowers as a token of your tribute to them.
  5. Orchids – Colorful and fragrant, orchids are one such flower that seems to be trending for all the good reasons across various special occasions. These exotic beauties are said to symbolise big families with many children. Other than this symbolism, it is also said to symbolise fertility, virility, and sexuality. If you are gaga over someone, then orchids make a perfect choice of flower to let them secretly know about it.
  6. Carnations – Carnations are those ruffled florals that are not just a major hit during Mother’s day month but all throughout. It is believed that carnations emerged as a flower when Virgin Mary saw Jesus carry the cross. Fascination, distinction and love are the three other symbolism other than motherly love, which best defines carnations coming in various colours.
  7. Gerbera – Gerbera are one of those flowers which belong to the daisy flower species. They tend to represent purity, innocence, and beauty. And just like any other flower, it also comes in bright yet beautiful colours.

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So, these were some of the top-selling flowers and their symbolism. You can choose to pamper yourself or even your loved ones with these floral beauties by getting them delivered from the best florist in Bangalore or wherever that you/ your loved ones reside. Flowers have the ability to touch anyone’s heart, don’t believe us? Try sending a bunch of flowers to someone right away!

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