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Prescribing eye health for your eye treatment


Improve many types of vision problems, and people use eyeglass. Eyeglass is a[art of protection and style. Your fashion outlook also changes by your different style eyeglass. Many people use prescription glasses for their eye power problem. Lenses, also known as spectacles and hard plastic lenses mounted in the glass frame, and the frame holds the optics glass. Prescription glasses or spectacles glasses means that is an order written by an eyewear prescriber to solve your eye problem. And with that, the prescriber also suggests them to dispense correctly and take the proper glasses as the prescriber guide. Now you can buy the glasses online. You give them direction, and they will set your glass power by the path of your prescription. And from this site, you can get all kind of facilities and many more options, and tips.

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About prescription code of eyeglasses

After leaving your eye doctors office, you will see some unintelligible series of number. That code is your eyeglass manufacturer. This code has another meaning. So you have to know about this to understand your eye health conditions. And knowledge is power and it is very needful information to know for your eye.

Rules to read an eyeglass prescription

The first word of a standard eyeglass prescription is ‘distance’. And here distance means what power you need to clear look of your distance object. This power determines by optometrist and ophthalmologist. The lens correction for each eye will be different. Moving your eye from left to right, after some distance, you will see the OD AND OS. OD means oculus dexter, and it is for the left eye. And OS means

Oculus sinister and it is for the right eye. And here you also see RE for the right eye and LE for the left eye. Prescriber uses the short form of all this thing. So you need to know this. And doctors also use traditional Latin prescription term. And if you see the short word OU, you have to understand that it means oculus uterque. And this is means that the measurement of both eye same.

And now you need to know about “SPH” and “Sphere”. And for this, you need to lens power 20/20 vision. And (-) minus sign means you are nearsighted. Or you can say it myopic. And for(+) sign means you are hyperopic. I mean that farsighted.

Before sphere number are detected with a coke bottle and by this doctor, prescribe their prescription. But day by day optical technology change it’s all things and improves the technology.

Some natural steps for buy glasses in online

  • First, you need your correct glass prescription. It is imperatively vital to buy perfect glasses from online.
  • Then you have to choose an online glass And you can visit here to find the best choice.
  • Select a perfect glass frame by your choice. And also select suitable frame materials. And then you have to maintain your budget because each frame have different price.
  • And then the primary step is to select your lenses.
  • Then you have to know about their return exchange policy. Because sometimes you may fall problem. So need to read their fine print.
  • And then guide them by your prescription.
  • And fulfil other formalities.

These are the primary step to buy a glass from online. Following these steps, you can easily buy a lens.

By this description, you can know some vital information about your prescribed glasses. And if you get more tips or need to know the best quality glasses, visit the site. I think you can find your answer and can buy different types of glasses.

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