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Protect Mental Health During COVID 19


Prolonged lock downs, fear of corona, loss of jobs, salary cuts, social distance, keeping oneself confined within four walls are now having a great effect on the minds of common people. They are getting tired. Anxiety is growing terribly. There are various types of mental problems, including anxiety. The worst part is that people don’t talk about this mental problem, whether it’s because of ignorance or because they feel uncomfortable. They keep this problem inside them, and it creates more mental issues. At this time, symptoms of a mental health crisis include unreasonable anxiety, irritable mood, slight anger, sleep disturbances, panic attacks, fatigue, depression, depression, excessive addiction to smoking or drugs, suicidal tendencies, etc.

The epidemic has thrown people of all ages, from children to the elderly, into new realities, new mental crises. In this reality, office work has to be done sitting at home. The children are doing school at home. People stay away from physical contact with family members, loved ones, friends, or colleagues for fear of infection. Psychiatrists believe that many people are losing their mental balance as they cannot adapt to the new system by overcoming this fear.

Like epidemics, mental health problems are also global. UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutters emphasized three issues. These are: the involvement of the whole society in the protection, improvement, and care of mental health; Mental health must have emergency medical care; People who recover from corona need to be assured of mental health care in the future.

Give time to the children in the family, explain the situation to them in a simple way, help them follow the rules of health, help them in their studies, and play with them. Take special care of older family members. Be sure to contact online specialists to treat long-term ailments, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart, and kidney disease. Avoid smoking and drugs. Take the neighbor’s news from social responsibility and help the helpless according to your ability; you will see that the mind will be better. If possible, follow the religious rules.

By and large, reduce your reliance on social media. Use the World Health Organization or Department of Health website for accurate information. Take as much as you need for awareness without panicking yourself by relying on additional information.

Remember, being infected with corona does not mean dying. If you do not have a major physical problem or do not already have a physical illness, you do not need to be admitted to the hospital. Remember that in 80% of cases, the disease can be cured with home treatment. As a result, do not panic unnecessarily. Excessive anxiety hurts the body’s immune system, and there is no substitute for staying mentally strong to recover from the virus.

Since it is a contagious disease, if you want to keep the whole family away from this disease, you have to isolate yourself in a separate room with full preparation. Create your routine. Emphasize on nutritious food, necessary rest, light exercise, regular medication, and personal hygiene. Talk to family members, relatives, friends on the phone, or the Internet.

In light of your experience at this time, to encourage the affected person to write such articles through social media. Read the book you couldn’t finish. Listen to the song that the mind wants to hear again and again. Make a list of what to do when you are healthy. If you have to stay in the hospital, follow these rules. Help each other in the isolation ward. Encourage each other. Remember that mental strength cannot be lost under any circumstances. Download best games and application from apkpure Even you can download any movies subtitle which you downloaded from pirated website. So at that moment you have to follow subscene to download any movies subtitle.

The question is when to take expert advice? When excessive panic or anxiety is disrupting your daily work, going to panic over small things repeatedly for no reason, having regular sleep problems or depression has gone to a stage that is harming your physical health.

Corona is a global epidemic. Not with fear, but with awareness and strong morale, we have to win against it. Obedience to health rules and humanity, moral fortitude, religious discipline, mutual amity, and social responsibility will win our Corona War.

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