Sid Sriram Hey Idi Nenena Telugu New Single Released

This year the activities of the whole world come to a stop. But some producers and directors are trying to make a good movie in this situation, and they are making good films in this corona pandemic.

Hey Idi Nenena New Song From Solo Brathuke So Better Telugu Movie

Sid Sriram has come to the media with an awesome new song for the upcoming film of Sabbu. The name of the song is Hey Idi Nenena. The song has just released in youtube and other social media and streaming service platforms and has gotten a lot of attention. The song was released on 25 august of 2020, and right now the song has been seen over 2 million times on youtube. So we can see the song is very popular in this fanbase of Sid Sriram.

The lyrics for this song is written by none other than Raghuram. He has a good reputation for writing some excellent lyrics for amazing songs. His writing has extra magic compare with the other writers. There is no flop song which has been written by Raghuram. The beautiful voice of Sid Sriram has made the whole song pretty beautiful. The fans were pretty excited about Sid Sriram’s upcoming new song, and they have waited for months to hear the voice of this incredible singer Sid Sriram.

Hey Idi Nenena New Telegu Song Release:

Sid Sriram hasn’t disappointed his fans at all. His fans are very happy to get such kind of song from this individual talented person after a long time. Sid Sriram is such kind of singer that about every type of song is suited to pretty well with his voice. He has not a single flop song in his entire career. So you can expect to get a new amazing song like his previous songs.

Not just the song itself the other person behind the song has given lots of effort for this song. AnandanSivamani has given the drums and percussion for this song, and the music is suited perfectly with this song. The song is expected to get more and more popularity in the upcoming future.

Sai Dharam Tej, Nabha Natesh

The video song is also very good. The overall videography view of this song is very stunning and top class. The video song is starting with Sai Dharam Tej and Nabah Natesh. Both of this amazing actor has a lot of professional experience for movies. So they have suited the whole scenario very well. People love these two duos in this screen so much. They have given a lot of affording for this song.

There are also some other persons who have given their best for making this song amazing. Additional vocals are given by Dinker. The main vocal supervision is none other than Sri Krisnal. He has kept all the things in line and make the whole song possible. Afro vocal harmony is given by Raghuram and Saketh. Siddharth was in charge of the electric guitar section. He has given the whole song a new vibe that the fans are loving very much.

Hey Idi NenenaSid Sriram New Telegu Song 2020

The song has already taken a lot of fan’s hearts, and we are expecting Sid Sriram’s career to be more and more successful. He has already amazed us with his beautiful voice and unique talent. He has some special vibe in his song that no other singer has. He is exceptional, and that makes him so popular in his fanbase. We hope to see a more and more amazing song from this unique individual. We are hoping for a bright career in the upcoming future.