Sid Sriram Maniyarayile Ashokan Movie New Song Olu is Finally Released

Fan favorite singer Sid Sriram has already known for his fantastic voice and his favorite fan songs. In his new song, it is not exceptional. He has given his beautiful voice and talent to the new song named Olu in this upcoming film called Maniyarayile Ashokan Directed by ShamzuZayba.

Olu video Song | New Malayalam Song 2020

This video song was released in August 22, 2020, and it has already been viewed about 900k on youtube. So you can imagine how the song has got a response in this short amount of time. The fans were very excited about his upcoming new song, and he has successfully fulfilled his fans desire. The song was composed programmed and arranged by Sreehari K Nair. He is a talented person and also worked with some brilliant mind and have given us some extraordinary work. The lyrics are provided by none other thenShamzuZayba. The lyrics of this song have given this song a new taste. It is different from other songs. So the fans will get a unique vibe in this song and all the lyrics credit goes to ShamzuZayba.

Olu The SongĀ  New Malayalam Video Song 2020

The singer for this song is a very talented and good looking fan-favorite person Sid Sriram. His specialty is his voice can suite any genre of music. He can sing all kinds of songs and all the songs are suited pretty well. He has already a trendy and successful career. He has no-flop songs in his career. His new songs always break the past record of his own song. This song gives a sweet and soft melody, and people really love this song very much. Sumesh Parameshwar was in the section of guitar and bass. He has done a pretty good job in his section. The guitar has taken the whole music of this song in a whole new level. The music has also the use of violin and voila which is really rare in a song. So we can see that the whole crew of this song has given a lot of effort for this song and so that the song has gotten lots of attention from the dear listener. Not only those people there are also so many people in the studio and behind the studio who has a little or big contribution to this song.

Olu The Song New Malayalam Song Released:

Not only the audio song the recently released video song is pretty good. We can see some pretty good graphics and some nice cinematography in the video song. The video is getting a lot of attention and positive reviews.

The movie is Maniyarayile Ashokan. It is a new Malayalam movie. The producer is expecting the movie to be released very soon. All the songs in this movie are pretty good and getting a lot of attention and positive news. The script for this movie is written by Vineeth Krishnan. He is a very talented person and worked as a professional scriptwriter in many movies and is very famous for his work type.

Gregory, Anupama Parameswaran

The video song featured Gregory and with beautiful modern and stylish lady Anupama Parameswaran. Both are looking very good on the screen, and people are loving their duo very much and appreciating that. We are hoping to see more and more songs from Sid Sriram. We need more and more amazing work from this amazing singer. He has a bright future we hope so. We think that he will keep amazing the fans who admire him so much. We wish very good luck for his success in the upcoming future.