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Steps to becoming a resident of The Villages, Florida


Living in a unique age-restricted active senior community like The Villages, Florida, is a lifestyle choice. It can not be any other way when you consider all the recreational activities designed for active seniors, the sought-after hotspots, and heavenly real estate options.

Located in central Florida, The Villages has easy access to both the coast, one hour drive away from the community, and Walt Disney World, also an hour away drive from the community. This means that if the community’s wide variety of recreational activities don’t satisfy your children or grandchildren, you can easily take them to every child’s dream destination. It doesn’t matter if it’s the coast or Disney. Both will provide ample enjoyment opportunities for the little ones.

Life in the census-designated place of The Villages, Florida, is unique because there is really no other community like it in the US. While there are many gated communities for retirees across the US and especially Florida, none have the size, luxury, and targeted amenities that can be found in The Villages. However, to truly become a proper “Villager” yourself, you’ll have to adopt the following traits that make any newcomer fit in completely.

Squares aren’t only Quadrilateral Shapes

For the residents of The Villages, Florida, squares aren’t just geometrical shapes they studied during their math classes; they are the center of entertainment within their community. If you like going to the theatre, you will find some fantastic ensembles to watch and join if you have a flair for the drama. The best shopping experience can also be found in these squares across the community of The Villages, Florida. Start browsing the aisles in search of that perfect outfit to use for the drama club. For a romantic dinner, an evening out with friends and family, or just an evening where you treat yourself to some mouth-watering meals, don’t miss the restaurants available in each of the three town squares available around this amazing community.

These town squares, Spanish Springs, Lake Sumter Landing, and Brownwood Paddock Square don’t only provide for everything you could possibly need for the best life in The Villages, Florida. They also ensure that you have easy access to live entertainment every single day of the year. As the primary community gathering spots, these squares are one of the reasons so many people want to live in this gated master-planned community. They are just the best.

Trade your Car Dependance for your Golf Cart

For most of your life, you have been dependent on your automobile. It’s something that is common not only for Americans but for most of the developed world. However, the beloved four-wheeled machine that you relied on for almost every errand during your adult life will lose its importance once you move to The Villages, Florida. Now, before you start ranting over how that will never happen or how your car deserves better, think of this. They use a lot of fuel, they are a bother to park, if you even find parking, and just take up so much space. Now we don’t say you get rid of it as you will probably still use it outside of the community, but The Villages, Florida, will offer you a more accessible option. A golf cart.

In The Villages, you don’t need to rush from point A to point B. You don’t need to completely on your car. Simply put, you just don’t need a car. Once you use your golf cart to get to your tee-time, or catch happy hour with your friends, or even go on a shopping spree, you can call yourself a “Villager”. With everything so close to you, your golf cart will replace your car as the primary means of transportation.

“Chilly” will Change its Meaning

Living in the Sunshine State means that temperature averages will change for you. Regardless of where you are moving from, the temperature difference will be a welcomed change in The Villages unless you are relocating from another Floridian city. With a November average of 76°F and the truly chilling January’s 68°F, you might need some time to adjust. With this kind of weather, the residents of The Villages, Florida, can make the most out of the indoor and outdoor amenities throughout the year without any kind of limitations. Otherwise, it would be a real shame to have all those astounding recreational options and not have the possibility to enjoy them. This might just be one of the reasons why this unique community was built in central Florida in the first place.

Birdcages aren’t only for Birds

The whole community of The Villages, Florida, is built so that active seniors can enjoy their life to the fullest. Homes aren’t any different from this norm, and if you don’t feel like going to any of the community’s recreational centers, there’s no need. You can have everything you could possibly need to relax and unwind right there, in your home. If you want a swimming pool, you’ve got it. An open kitchen-terrace concept, no problem. A birdcage that provides plenty of shade and cooling fresh air where you can enjoy a cocktail as you take a few laps around the pool, your wish is granted. At The Hammock we have only the best hammocks and hanging chairs

These birdcages create the perfect outdoor oasis that you’ve been looking forward to, and they are also one of the most sought-after features in this unbelievable community. Don’t miss out on enjoying that gorgeous weather year-round, while you also get the shaded areas you probably want to use for lounging with a few close friends. Have a barbeque while you’re at it, and soak up the sun. If you’re going to become the proud owner of one of these homes, all you have to do is contact real estate agents in The Villages FL, and they’ll take care of everything. visit site jio rockers


Living in The Villages, Florida, is all about living a happy, carefree, and active lifestyle. Healthy living is the main focus of this community, so make sure to check all the health and wellness activities available throughout. With all the luxurious amenities available at your disposal, we are sure you will make the most out of your stay here, making friends, rediscovering passions, and fulfilling the purpose of your retirement: to enjoy every minute of it because you earned it. click here movierulz

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