Stunning Ethical Conscious Engagement Rings

There is not a more beautiful, rarer and perfect engagement ring than the stunning, unique stunning ethical diamond engagement rings. Diamonds are forever, so when it comes time for you to buy that special person a diamond engagement ring, there really is nothing like it. For centuries diamonds have symbolized love and romance, even if most of us never believed for a moment that they could be capable of doing such. Diamonds are also beautiful and durable, and many people believe that they will stand the test of time as well. These characteristics make diamond engagement rings almost perfect for any occasion, and they are usually very affordable as well.

Diamond engagement ring

But if you’re like most people, then you probably already have a diamond engagement ring. When you do, you know that they are very expensive. But your budget probably doesn’t allow for buying several diamond engagement rings, so what are you left with? If you’re like many people, the answer might be an antique diamond engagement ring. Unfortunately, while they are beautiful and rare they are also incredibly expensive. You can buy engagement rings from Carus Jewellery.

Precious metals

You might not have thought of diamonds as being beautiful or valuable, but they actually can be very valuable, especially if they are rare and unusual. Unlike a lot of other precious metals, diamonds have a number of unique physical characteristics that allow them to be more expensive and valuable than many other elements. One of those characteristics is unique inclusions, which allow the stone to have a more unique “depth.”

Diamond stones’ colors

Different diamond stones will include different amounts of natural concentrated deposits of color, hardness, and texture. There are basically three types of color: white, black, and yellow. Each of these adds its own unique lustre and shine to the stone, and some can even fool the untrained eye into appearing to be more colorful than they actually are. The more concentrated the color of a diamond, the more expensive it is.

Carat weight

Diamonds also have what’s called “carat weight,” which is a measurement of weight. Basically, the larger the diamond, the larger its carat. A carat is a measure of weight not size, so a one carat diamond ring is going to weigh twice as much as a two carat ring. Because of their size, diamond engagement rings tend to be quite costly. But it’s well worth the expense for the unique piece of jewelry you’ll be giving your loved one.

Rare and valuable

And because diamonds are rare and very valuable, you don’t have to worry about replacing a broken or damaged diamond. While diamonds do wear down over time, they are well protected by their unique chemical properties. And because they are a precious stone, many jewelers also offer guarantees that their stones can last a lifetime. As long as the couple continues to use the rings, the guarantee will keep working.


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