The DIY Guide to Starting Your Own Custom T shirt Printing Business

You are probably interested in the idea of making your own custom t shirt Singapore business. It seems nice, isn’t it? Being able to have your own clothing line. Being able to create unique and one-of-a-kind designs. Selling them on your own and having your own business. You are literally your own boss. You can even hire people and have employees on your part. Having a business in T shirt making is definitely a beautiful thing, especially when you see others supporting your efforts.

However, things happening inside your head are always much easier than the real deal. Sure, imagining things, like starting out a business, is easy, but turning that concept into a reality is the real difficult deal. It may sound easy, but it’s actually super complicated. No wonder if there are only several names that manage to succeed in the business after they start out. It’s because things will become more difficult and more complicated when they roll out. As your business starts running, obstacles will start showing up and you have no options but figure things out. That’s why there are several important things to consider

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Make a Thorough Research

Starting out a business can’t be made from want and desire only. “I want to make a custom t shirt business. I have a big passion in it!” But do you have the resources? Have you made your own research? Do you know what it takes to succeed, or at least survive, in the business? Passion, desire, and want won’t cut for it if you don’t have any solid foundation or data. You need to make a thorough and detailed research about it.

What kind of T shirt business you are interested in? Do you want to create bulk custom order or do you specialize in a single item only? Do you have the skill to design? Are you creative enough? If not, do you have other people that can work together with you? Can you trust them? What about the market for such business? Do you already have the markets? How do you plan on manufacturing those shirts; manual or machineries? Do you know how much you need to get started? How are you going to market and then sell your production? What channels will you use?

As you can see, these questions alone are pretty tricky and complicated. And there are still more to answer if you are serious about building your own brand. Making plans should be done in details and you need to base them all on the real conditions and real data, not just ‘thinking’ that it will go as it is. For instance, when you decide to make the shirts with machineries, you should follow it up by doing research about the price of each machine. When making plans, you already know for sure the price for each of them; NOT ‘I think the price is bla bla bla’. You don’t ‘think’; you take real data.

Understand the Business

When you are ready to plunge into the business, you need to understand it. It’s not only about your business, but you should understand about the competition and what it is all about. You need to learn about your competitors. Study and observe the market. Know who your competitors are. Learn about each of them thoroughly: What they are specializing in? What they are good at? What mistakes have they made? What problems have they encountered? How did they deal with their problems? How did they get out of those problems – or not?

If you want to succeed, you need to learn not only from your mistakes, but also from others. Nowadays, there are different channels that you can access to learn about them: store fronts, social media ethics and etiquettes, websites, etc. Write down the details and incorporate those plans into your own. Trust me, you can really learn a lot from others.

Decide on Manufacturing Methods

When planning a custom t shirt business, you need to decide on the manufacturing process. Do you want to do it manually or by machines? Do you want to start small or enter the market in a big way? What about collaboration project – are you open to it? Some people choose starting small and building their brands from there. As they don’t have big capitals, they choose manual work. Some, however, are ready with bigger capitals and they don’t mind spending those on machineries and stuff. Others are creative enough to join partnership and collaboration work with printing services. It doesn’t require big capitals, but you need to split your profits. Whichever method is up to you, really. You need to decide based on your own condition, especially when related to money.

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Strive for the Best Quality

Best quality doesn’t always mean expensive. You can still make and produce high-quality custom t shirt design without having to spend a fortune. You can go with good and comfortable materials that are affordable when you buy in a rather big number. Go with unique designs, especially your own, with your signature mark and style. When making the shirt, make sure that you use good quality dyes and press, which will make it long lasting.

All of these things require constant trial and error stage, but it is worth it for long term effect. Don’t forget to pay attention to professional and ethical manner. If you can combine good quality design and professional conduct, people would come to you. It’s better to start slow, but with solid ground and professional result. In the future, people will look for you and they won’t look elsewhere. Never compromise quality with low price. It won’t last.

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Have Fun and Enjoy the Process

Once you understand the steps and the details of what’s needed, simply enjoy the ride. There would be smooth journey as well as bumpy road. But just enjoy the show! Have fun while you are at it. There is nothing easy about starting up a custom t shirts business, but you can only enjoy it despite whatever obstacles thrown at you.

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