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The Importance of Astrological Philosophy Established By Himanshu PanditJi


Change is an inherent part of life, and no one can stop it. As a result, accepting change and staying current in all areas of our lives is essential to survive and gain from it. In many fields, including Vedic astrology, education is critical. When we discuss research, we’re referring to a method for preserving what has previously been identified as vital while discarding what hasn’t. This is a common practice among scientists of all disciplines, and I plan to do the same with AstrologerPanditJi.com.

The Mahadasha Philosophy By Himanshu PanditJi

When a planet’s Mahadasha is active, its strength increases; consequently, in a horoscope, the planet’s positive or negative effects might become much more apparent. According to astrology, the Mahadasha of any world cannot alter its functional nature. Hence the outcomes always match the planet’s practical nature according to Best Astrologer in USA.

This means that when Mars generates the Manglik Dosha in your horoscope, you should brace yourself for the worst during the Mars Mahadash. Thus, people with Jupiter in Hama Yoga in their birth charts are more likely to succeed while Jupiter is in its Mahadasha. When two positive or negative planets make a beneficial or destructive yoga, the best outcomes will be seen during the periods of all of those planets’ transits together.

This planet’s Mahadasha may have the most significant positive or adverse effects as per  Himanshu. Let’s imagine that in your horoscope, the Moon and Mars create the Chandra Mangal Yoga. Those born during the Maha Dasha of the Moon and Mars will have a substantial advantage in their lifetime. Capricorn has more Mars than any other sign, so you may get the best effects if you do your yoga during the Mars Mahadasha. In Taurus, however, the best benefits will be seen during the Moon Mahadasha, when the Moon is more potent than Mars. This occurs during the full moon of Taurus.

Causing Kaal Sarp Yog by Rahu and Ketu, the native may suffer the most challenging time of Rahu and Ketu Mahadasha if these planets are in the horoscope.

Influence of Himanshu PanfditJi

On days when the Sun is waning and in the fourth house of your chart, Cancer is the ascendant sign. A weakened Sun in the fourth house is generally a blessing, but it can also be a curse depending on the natal chart. Whenever a harmful planet makes contact with the Sun, such as through conjunction or an aspect, this can happen to the Sun. The Sun may become more vicious as the number and power of nefarious planets increase according to Best Astrologer in Mumbai  .

Weaker than usual, the Sun may be an easier target for hostile planets. In the fourth house, any planet that afflicts the weakened Sun will have the ability to make it moderately or highly malevolent. In addition, if the Sun in a horoscope’s general theme is weak, it could become harmful under certain conditions. The section on Manglik Dosh (Revised Edition) of the book explains how benefic planets can become malefic when they are in the presence of negative influences from other planets as per Himanshu.

Sun’s weakness in the fourth house might yield exciting outcomes. As long as the native’s complete horoscope is in his favor, a benefic debilitated Sun can bring great prosperity in the areas of maternity and education, as well as financial security for the locals.


According to his birth chart, a benefic debilitated Sun can help the native find success in various industries, including real estate, auto manufacturing, agriculture, fashion manufacturing, education manufacturing, finance manufacturing, marriage management manufacturing, and event management manufacturing.

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